Windows 7

How do i make a windows 7 external bootable hard drive? because i have all the files and i just want to know because i cant find a CD or go buy one that has enough space on it any help would be nice or a tut.

Attach an external drive and use disk imaging software to make a copy of the windows 7 partition onto the external partition. Gparted on Parted Magic is good for that.

Defrag the win7 installation first. If you need to shrink the original win7 partition, do it in windows with the windows partitioner.

YMMV with the licensing. Works OK for me in XP though, simply need to reactivate, easy by phone.

umm can you explain that so i can understand it (im not that smart with that kind of stuff) lolz please and thank you

I don’t have time for a detailed tutorial. But I don’t mind going step by step with you.

So step 1 is to defrag the windows 7 partition. Can you do that?

They talk about defrag here:

ok i did that

Step 2: OK now google parted magic and downlod and create the CD by burning it.

Did that work?

Step 3: Then attach an external drive where the win7 partition will be copied. Check it out in windows 7 and answer these questions.

How large is the external drive?
Is there anything on it?
What size is the win7 partition on your existing installation of win7?

Setp 4: Test your ability to boot from the parted magic CD and to use the “mount” tool to mount and to look at the win7 partition and to look at the external drive.

Did that work for you?

do i do this on a windows machine and the drive is 250 gb

this doesnt have to do with windows 7 but icant find my external drive on the linux

Please clarify for me what you want ot do. I may bew wrong but I think you want this:

You have a machine with win7 on it and you want to transfer that win7 to an external drive which will boot the same machine and replace the internal win7 partition/drive with Linux. Is that right?

i just want to make windows 7 bootable from my external drive

like the installer

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you want to do.

Do you want to

A: Install Windows 7 ONTO your external hard drive so you can boot the system from it


B: Install Windows 7 FROM your external hard drive because you have the installation files but no CD/DVD

BTW: Improving your english/spelling might help answering questions in the future :wink:

Which Linux can’t you find the external drive? Do you mean the Parted Magic live CD?

This is “General Chit-Chat”. As you are looking for help it would be best to move thos to “Install/boot/login”. Anny objections?