Windows 7 RC

Simple poll. How many are currently trying the Windows 7 RC? If you have any thoughts on it please post them here.

I am going to start. It was fast to install, which was a surprise to me. It boots fast. Seems to run smoother and faster then Vista.

Aero, still sucks. Kde 4.3/Plasma/Compiz has blow past Aero easy.

I received just yesterday an email from my University system manager saying that Windows7 is available for local download for all staff and grad students. So my first thought was “who wants that cr*p anyway?!”. But i might download it in case i need it in the future for work.

I have a friend that installed it recently on a brand new toshiba laptop (dual core, intel), replacing Vista with it. Before installing he was very enthusiastic and optimistic but afterward he was very disappointed and reported an overall performance that - according to him - was not significantly better than Vista. Not sure how carefully he tested it though.

why would I need Windows? :stuck_out_tongue:

Comparing a few things to Suse, or a lot of distro’s for that matter, it still seems like a resource hog to me but nothing like Vista was. From what I understand anyone can download it up until the 30th of this month.

I am comparing Windows 7 to Vista as well as Suse right now. I hated Vista so much I was like many others who upgraded to XP at one point. I have high hopes for Linux, Suse especially. I see it passing Windows in the future, eventually.

It is also limited considering all the options one gets with Linux. If I want to run a 3D game that is heavy on graphics I can boot into IceWM. On vista you have to change the Aero settings, etc.

This is what Vista should have been. Seems like Vista was the beta for Windows 7, and people got screwed having to pay for it.

Then you can brag about how much better Suse is compared to it. How painful it was running Windows 7 and how happy you where getting back to Suse :wink:

Or you can confuse Microsoft and tell them bugs exist when they dont, lol.

So basically, what you’re saying is that Windows only serves as a point for comparison, right? If so, it’s even more useless to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to use it for work. It’s better than vista but still very resource hungry.

With any luck it’ll be a flop like windows millenium and windows vista. Every little bit of encouragement for Linux uptake helps.

FYI my wholesaler reports that the demand for vista licences with the xp downgrade is as strong as ever.

It is much more then that. It is a very good Wine emulator.

But Wine is used to “emulate” Windows applications and I have no need for those. Again, useless for me :stuck_out_tongue:

And Windows is used to emulate Wine, rotfl!

Honestly I don’t really need Windows anymore myself. I just like computers that much and trying different things on them. I still doubt very much that I will buy Windows 7. I have no need for it since I am using Suse now. All the games/software I get now will be made for Linux or at least usable with Wine.

I just don’t need wintendo. Between opensuse 11.2m5 and freebsd 7+wine I got it all.

I voted NO.
I don’t use it. I just abuse it, in Virtual Box to see how it behaves in a multi-boot environment and how it interacts with grub etc…

Voted NO.
Not Interested in both(Vista and 7).
By the way, should be called vista 7. :wink:

I tried Windows 7 and it is faster that Vista that’s for sure.

I would agree with that. But I still don’t like it. A distinct lack of imagination goes in to the production of a Windows OS, hence you end up with a bland and very familiar arrangement. It’s quite snappy even in Virtual Box, but I can tell you already it doesn’t like some aspects of VBox, least not in my setup, I’m testing it in a multi-boot with suse.

I am of the same opinion as microchip8. Not interrested at all.

I use my computer system for things I want to be done (you may call that work, leisure, …) but testing OSs is not one of them.

I need to know something about it, due to my business, but I don’t use it. About the same as Caf.
I noticed it’s a bit faster than Vista, yet much slower than XP.

Yet, if people see my KDE4 desktop, they ask me if they can ‘have that on Windows’, so they see there’s more polished beauty in KDE4 than they’ve ever seen in Windows.

About stability: seen a lot of BSOD’s in a week’s time.

Of course they can have it on Windows. KDE4 works on it too :wink:

I’ve been playing with Windows 7 Beta & RC1.
It’s an improvement over Vista, and it’s the first version of Windows that I’ve liked out of the box. There are some nice useful touches in it, especially on the window management side. It’s also cool that WordPad in Windows 7 supports OpenDocument format (!)

What I’m not sure about however is how it’s supposed to help people who like XP more than Vista. Windows 7 is even further away from the XP way of doing things than Vista is. And unlike Vista there are less ‘behave like XP’ options available. I guess people will be more forgiving so long as there are less fundamental problems like the drivers situation Vista had at launch.