Windows 7 RC

Have XP on sata a, suse 11.1 on sata b. Anyone try windows 7? Just wondering if windows 7 and suse will work.

I tried W7 in a VM in beta stage.
I deleted it now.
Nothing to get excited about. Same old story.:expressionless:

Thanks for telling.

I am not even sure if I’ll ever “trust” Microsoft again due to the fact that they probably have deals with the FBI/CIA.
Some features are great and pretty neat, but overall - NOTHING compared to the world linux (especially the guys from OpenSuse) are creating and… DEVELOPING.

Just my opinion.


You can multiboot both safely - however as with any Windows, you need to install 7 first - then Linux or install and then repair Grub.

On 5/6/2009 9:56 AM, oilpaint wrote:
> Have XP on sata a, suse 11.1 on sata b. Anyone try windows 7? Just
> wondering if windows 7 and suse will work.
>Why wouldn’t it?

On 5/6/2009 10:16 AM, TheMask wrote:
> Thanks for telling.
> I am not even sure if I’ll ever “trust” Microsoft again due to the fact
> that they probably have deals with the FBI/CIA
Yeah, the same way we shouldn’t trust SELinux because it was developed
by the NSA.

Yes, I downloaded it, but haven’t installed it.
The memory of “The WOW starts Now” is still fresh.
All the pain of Vista, the lies of system compatibility.
Sorry, I’m not going waste a little time as possible regarding Windows 7.

> waste a little time

think how much time you could have saved if you had left Redmond’s
products when i did (in '95 when i got tired of waiting for the FIX to
all the Win 3.1 problems which the hucksters had promised for THREE
years…it was gonna be GREAT, and solve ALL computer problems for all
people…right! what a mess Win95 was…)


I have never installed anything > Windows ME on any hardware directly.
But, I have tried some of them on Virtual Box.

Dual booting with that setup on my machine now. I installed 7 over my XP install and therefore had to boot from the SUSE install disk to repair GRUB. Other than that, I have not had any problems. So to answer your question, yes they work in dual boot.

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Microsoft patches huge Windows 7 RC bug

More than the article, I like the first comment someone posted there :slight_smile:
Anyway, I posted a comment too:
“More than anything else, I like the way the patch needs to be applied. Reinstall everything from scratch …
So expect these things in the future too… When you have to spend more time concentrating your business and work, all of a sudden, you will get an order from Redmond to re-install all your computers !!!”

Take a kitchen blender or useless relative, put in 2 ounces of XP, 2 ounces of Vista, (make useless relative) blend for 2 minutes and pour to harddisk: Winstant 7. Cheers !!

Out of my curiosity, I installed the 64-bit version of Windows 7, and am really surprised at how few 64-bit applications there are for Windows compared to Linux. I guess I really shouldn’t be…

Apparently they never got around to fixing the notorious age-old double file extension bug which facilitates semantic attacks. The other day, one phishing email that got past the filters carried an offer of a refund from a bank if I would fill in a form and return it. Fortunately I am always sceptical of things that are too good to be true; I do not have an account with this bank; and none of my banks have my email address anyway. And I cannot execute or read attachments directly from my Linux mail reader, another level of protection. Looking at the attachment, it had a suffix of .pdf.htm. So it was meant to show as a PDF icon and fool some Windows dummy into clicking on it to open a PDF form but it would actually fire up IE and do something nasty or at least report back a valid email address.

Microsoft claim that they facilitated so many innovations in the field of computers and phishing is just one of them.

They’ve also claimed that Windows 7 and Vista post SP2 (which hasn’t even been publicly released yet) are the most secure operating systems today…

OK, same kinda of problem, just I havent done it yet, I’m considering Putting openSUSE instead of Ubuntu on a 100GB secondary partition, and Win7RC on the primary 800GB partition. what do you guys think? can I just put the DVD in, and install to the 100GB partition, w/o a hitch? its my main work rig, so I CANNOT under any circumstance have any downtime whatsoever.

If it were me I would almost certainly look at a separate drive if possible to install SUSE and have the grub bootloader on there. With the SUSE drive booting first and with a grub entry to W7. Even if it gets screwed up, you just switch boot order for the HD’s and the W7 HD is good to go.

There are other options, but for me this is first choice always.