Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop

If Microsoft had released Windows 7 instead of Vista there would have been no rise of Ubuntu or OSX.

Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop - The Inquirer

In regards of look, a well-situation openSUSE installation with KDE 4 will look just as good or better and without the high hardware specs!

Really? Is it equipped with far*t bombs enough to kill linux?rotfl!:stuck_out_tongue:


> ‘Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop - The Inquirer’
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That’s assuming Linux was ever on the desktop. At last count it
still hadn’t cracked 5%. OSX was the winner of MS failure.
Windows 7 is fast I will say that, but it’s very poor compared
to KDE/GNOME. As it is still in early beta, they do have time to correct
the artwork and usability. It’s not going to kill anything, but I think
it will stop the trending away from Windows.

I just keep thinking that a hardware vendor selling notebooks with openSUSE (or SLED) installed running KDE 4 could go head-to-head with Windows and OS X.

Linux was never a serious threat to Windows on the desktop. In fact Vista’s biggest enemy is XP. This is typical of MS, they spend squillions on development, and still manage to put out something half-baked that takes a few revisions to establish, usually when the hardware speeds have caught up. Essentially W7 is still Vista with its hardware requirements, but with a better UI. The Vista name is poison, so they had to come up with a new name.

Now on netbooks it’s a different story. Acer and other manufacturers have been using Linux as a hardball bargaining chip to force MS to keep XP alive there. Much as MS hates to keep XP going, it missed the boat when netbooks came out and it’s scrambling to claw back ground. Expect XP to be around for quite a while due to netbooks.

His enemy is his own shadow.:
On a side note, I just found a flier of dell in my mailbox at home:
Inspiron mini 9, Intel atom processor n270, mini os powered by ubuntu 8.04, 1gb memory, 4gb solid state drive, price $349.00 canadian. Not bad.
10-years ago I bought an intel celeron e-machine desktop with win 98 without a monitor for a thousand bucks Canadian dollar.

His review was completely unprofessional. Claiming Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux? He personally admitted that he used Ubuntu, what, is it the only distro there?? Ubuntu is used mostly by Linux newcomers and the reviewer looks like one. The title is just to make another flame war (although i didn’t see any people defending Windows or Linux;)). Anyway, useless article…

I have been using Linux on my desktop before Linux was supposedly ready for the desktop.

Oh wait a minute, the naysayers are still saying it isn’t ready for the desktop.

Therefore, it can not be killed, as it isn’t there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They Reg is amusing but sometimes a little nutty. It’s like saying the recent fall in gas prices has killed alternative energy vehicles. The claim might have been credible sometime in the last century.

Microsoft worries and will continue to worry about Linux a lot–whether Linux becomes a force on the desktop or not. But what does it means to be “on the desktop”? Maybe the only place Microsoft will be left to dominate is on the desktop but even then everyone will be running lots of open source apps or cloud apps on their desktop, and the cloud apps will be running on Linux servers. And chances are your Windows machine will come with a quick boot Linux anyway, which you might use quite a lot of the time. And your mobile phone and all those media devices in your home, that you may connect to your Windows desktop now and then, are already or probably soon will be running some type of Linux or other open source OS, even if 95% of users don’t realize this to be the case and don’t care what the OS is as long as it works. Windows 7 needs to be a huge success for Microsoft, and maybe it will be given that early reports seem to be fairly positive, but it probably doesn’t really matter one way or another over the longer term.

This is more revealing than anything you are likely to read in the Reg: Microsoft’s failed attempt to wean Intel off Linux (Asay’s take on internal Microsoft e-mails on Intel’s use of Linux from the Comes v. Microsoft case via Paranoid Roy).

That is one thought… what is the “desktop” because between laptops, netbooks, smart phones, set-top boxes, etc. the use of Linux is still growing and the market is changing from being chained to a computer to using computers like appliances.

Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop…


Best joke ever!

Windows 7 is enough to kill Windows >:)

Actually, nobody deems Linux a threat to Windows desktops anyway.
Read the pundits reaction to Windows 7.

All of this discussion points out that Linux has to prove itself to the big brother, and actual situation is otherwise…
We just need to make linux better for us and for whoever wants to use it.

> All of this discussion points out that Linux has to prove itself to the
> big brother, and actual situation is otherwise…
> We just need to make linux better for us and for whoever wants to use
> it.

Yep I mean that is really Apple’s approach. What Linux needs is a glitzy
hardware vendor that will actually market it. I was at a Novell conference
where HP was presenting, I asked why there were no ads for Linux on HP’s all
the ads are about Windows.

He was quite frank…nobody is paying us.

Linux is an unstoppable force.

Its free. Its brilliant, and what it lacks it will obtain. (Sounds good)

Windows has not stopped Linux in its various forms from gaining 5% (?) of the desktops so far. There is no reason why it should not continue to grow.

If windows was that good then surely Linux would have been stamped out already.

It will take a long time for the “war” to be won (10-15 more years) but it will happen. Linux is a superior product. Windows is good but bloatware and the true will out (arguement: windows7 is Vista but on current hardware !!!)

Windowas 7 shows how afraid microsoft is of alernativ software and how bad was the start of vista…

:wink: MS should be afraid of EU…seems like MS have to get out the browser of the operating system and pay another time for damage the market!!!


…EU hates you!
…We hate you!
…we don t need your winblows!