Windows 7 Bug: A chance for Linux !

A critical show stopper bug has been found in the Final Windows 7 RTM 7600.16385 and in the updated 7600.16399 builds!

The bug in question - a massive memory leak involving the chkdsk.exe utility - appears when you attempt to run the program against a secondary (that is, not the boot partition) hard disk using the “/r” (read and verify all file data) parameter. The problem affects both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and is classified as a “showstopper” in that it can cause the OS to crash (Blue Screen of Death) as it runs out of physical memory.

Well. Windows 7 have to to really convince consumers in order to remove the ills of Vista. At the moments Linux should try to outfit Windows at this period and launch those packs in the making!

Meh, fat chance. There’s a huge amount of inertia in the user arena. M$ will eventually send out a fix and everybody will move on.

Besides who wants Linux to be an ersatz Windows for the sake of Windows users? We want to have Linux users who are happy to be Linux users.

I had to buy a PC for a charity I’m treasurer of. It came with Vista (unfortunately) and I’m stuck with it as I need Windows for some charitable software I have to use. I really can’t be bothered with the hassle of changing the set-up just now for dual-boot, so I’ll live with it for the moment.

BUT…(and the reason for this post…)

I can UPGRADE to W7 for a fee of only £13!!! To cover shipping and media!!! This will be the media that doesn’t come with new Windows PCs but which you need to create yourself!!! A bargain!!! haven’t these people heard of downloads? I think that the only change to the PC’s OS will be when I have time to change the config to dual-boot into a grown up OS.

I have to say, though, that bugs in Windows will not switch users to Linux. They’ll complain, but most users are too un-savvy to change from what they know. That’s not a criticsm - some users just like the PC to (mostly) work. I’ve been using Linux for a couple of years now and know what I prefer, but I don’t think it’ll catch on big-time in the wider community.

I thought that just turning the machine on did that…rotfl!

That bug is only a “showstopper” because the press labeled it as such.

The problem only occurs on systems with a particular chipset and chipset driver installed. The reason it wasn’t found earlier was because it only occurs under very particular circumstances that hadn’t been tested because it’s such a rare setup. Indeed, MS ran round-the-clock tests trying to replicate it but couldn’t on any of their 40 or so test machines.

If it were really as big of a showstopper as what is claimed, then it would have been found months ago. The infrequency of its occurence, and the difficulty to replicate means it was just something minor that was overlooked. MS and the driver vendors will probably issue a fix, and all will be forgotten.

And as for the title of this topic, to say Linux has a chance to take over Windows only b/c of a minor bug? openSUSE 11.1 shipped with a number of substantially more critical bugs than this, and the same could be said about any of the other major distributions. Linux couldn’t do anything to exploit this any more than what its been doing for the past umpteen-years. Linux has to focus on bettering itself rather than trying to point out the flaws of Windows and then shoving itself into everyone’s face as an alternative.

And the world moves on…

“Windows 7 Bug: A chance for Linux !” oh please.
My guess is that 70% of the peoples who know about this bug have no idea what is Linux.

It takes time for people to change. So do I rotfl! I cant say am a pro either on Linux but am getting better day by day. But what do you say with the problem Vista has had? And then the problem with Windows 7.Change starts sipping then trickling then gashing. Its a high time for XP to be faced out. Why provide services packs for XP and then continue to unveil another superior product. The down fall of Windows 7 is in XP.

Linux was mostly used on Servers but now Client end support is becoming popular day by day and that the change am talking about.

No chance at all. Look I love Linux but I am also a realist. Posts like this serve no purpose but to illustrate nonsense.

Come on, Windows 7 isn’t even properly released yet. Picking out a bug like this in a pre-release version of an OS is fairly meaningless even if it were a real “show-stopper”.

A needle’s eye passing through a camel. Hmm, or was it the other way round. Anyway it’s all beyond our control. lol!

We all know though that Microsoft is a complete finished operating system right!>:) Linux flavors by contrast are always portrayed truethfully as a work in progress with emphasis on progress. Windows 7 is Vista with emphasis on fixing the problems (a few at a time) instead of focusing on new features.