windows 32-bit and linux 64-bit in the same computer


I have a partition with windowsXP 32-bit installed, can I install a 64-bit version linux in another partition in the same computer?


the processor is AMD Athlon II X3 425

Sure, each OS depends only on the processor, not any other OS, since only one OS is running at a given time. Ignoring virtualisation and all that.

This is only for amd processors athlon & phenom which they can play 32-bit operating systems and 64 bit operating systems.
If you have, for example intel i5,i7 etc, you can not install 32bit operating system with an 64 bit operating system, because processor turns your errors in bios. Or operating system can run but with many errors of operating.

And i understand that you are from Hellas.
Εγκατέστησε opensuse και ό,τι βοήθεια θέλεις γράψε σε αυτό το thread και θα βοηθήσω.

AMD the future is fusion.

No, that is not correct. Intel licensed the 64-bit instruction set from AMD so their processors can also run either 64-bit or 32-bit OSes, just like AMD. Nothing to do with the BIOS. But make sure the processor is 64-bit capable. Some CPU models don’t have those instructions.

You are right i would to fix it, i would to erase this line but i could not. Because of many corrections. i could not erase this line .

My processor is AMD Athlon II X3 425
εντάξει αν χρειαστεί κάτι θα σου γράψω, βασικά με ενδιαφέρει να εγκαταστήσω στη συνέχεια το netBeans για να δουλέψω στη συνέχεια με JAVA

it is my fault sorry about that misunderstanding. you are right.
sorry again!!!

Αυτο είναι καλο εγώ εχω amd phenom 2 x3.Μην προτημίσεις να βάλεις intel είναι κουβάδες. Εδω και στο πανεπιστήμιο (ΕΑΠ) βάλαμε amd στο server και opensuse και πάει σφαίρα. Αν εχεις amd τότε καλώς εγκατέστησε 2 λειτουργικά συστήματα προσεχε μόνο το partition που θα κάνεις να έχεις αρκετό χώρο για την εγκατάσταση και να ρυθμίσεις το grub ώστε να αναγνωρίζει και τα 2 λειτουργικά συστήματα, να κάνεις dualboot δηλαδή.

Because Yiannis is from Hellas and as I imagine, you don’t speak Greek. i tell you what we are discussing
I told him that Amd processors are better from intel and in my university we install amd & opensuse in server. if it has amd then he can install two operating systems in his computer. Only one thing Yiannis must attend, he must fix the grub or bios to recognise the two operating systems, namely to do dual boot. Is this OK???

Sure, of course you have to have a bootloader that can select between the OSes. But it’s not a problem for a 64-bit processor to run a 32-bit OS and a 64-bit OS at different times, which was what I thought he was asking.

sorry for this misunderstanding!!!

Yes, I have actually done the same thing. The 64-bit version installed the same as the 32-bit version. I was running 32-bit Vista and installed openSuse 11.2 64-bit.

I don’t like anything from microsoft especially vista are a mistake. Any operating system has weaknesses but windows has many security weaknesses. when an operating system has a weakness this is not operating system and is dangerous for consumers(this is the fundamental principle of operating systems).

Am I wrong with that?