Windows 11 Latop and Tumbleweed USB to sync it

I was trying to use rsync to a ntfs file system on a NVME laptop to a files system on an USB SSD.
I was successful in doing a dd of /dev/nvme0n1 to an image file.
I was going to copy to “C” drive to a file on the USB SSD but Geeko Tumbleweed did not see any partitions.

My plan was to mount loop the “C” drive file on the USB SSD and rsync -av --delete the full “C” drive as a backup - much quicker than the 45 minutes that the full dd takes.

Any ideas as to why a fresh and fully patched Windows 11 on a 1 tb nvme would show the /dev/nvme0n1 as having no partitions. There were no /dev entries for the partitions.

It is my former bosses laptop and he is not computer literate - I did get him to press f12 and select the USB drive to come up. I have scripted the incremental backup . The USB SSD is 4TB so space should not be a problem.

Also, none of the free Windows 11 backups would finish - they all fail at some point saying I/O error but dd’ing the drive and linux show no errors.

I will be trying other Windows 11 backups via teamviewer ( the laptop is a 2 hour flight to Atlanta and I hate traveling there - I had to reinstall Windows 11 and all his apps after someone hacked and zero’ed his “C” drive.

I fixed that by change him to wired internet and disabling wi-fi except to the guest vlan. new router has that and I confirmed that the guest network is on a different subnet than his ethernet subnet.

@larryr Is the backup device powered as well? Sounds like the USB port is maybe getting tired or doing some weird windows power thing…

Maybe filezilla, or look at a cloud service?

It has no power issues with Linux.
I suspect that the GPT and partitions are not Linux Compatible.

@larryr not seen that here with dual boot systems?