Window switching, scrolling slower with new monitor!

I just switched from an old monitor where the max screen size was 1024 x 768 to one with 1440x900. Now switching between windows is noticeably slower, as is scrolling within a window. What causes this and how do I fix it?

Could be a driver problem.Did you run Sax to configure the new monitor ?


Yes, I did. But under there you have to choose your monitor from a list and it didn’t have mine so i had to choose a random one, guessing. I chose Dell 1400FP but I have no idea which one would be right. What should I do?

try changing to something nearer your model, failing that use vesa,then, install your graphics driver. BTW what model of monitor do you have ?


SE198WFP Flat Panel Monitor (Dell)

I didn’t see anything that looked remotely similar. There were no monitors that started with SE and none that ended in WFP. How do I know which one is similar?

Is there a way to update the list of monitors it gives?

If it’s an lcd you can select the best resolution it supports in the lcd section


Thanks, but where’s the LCD section? And does that mean I don’t need to worry about which monitor I choose in that list?

open sax2,look at the monitor section,select change, & if you look down the list,you will see lcd. As long as you choose a reasonable refresh etc, that you know your monitor can handle you should be ok


Thanks! It does seem to be about 20% or so faster! Still not ideal, but my graphics card isn’t the best. At least it DID improve. :slight_smile: