window size and location

I know it is a small thing, but is there a way to make windows open at their last size and location?
I have moved the panel to the right side, and when I open an app, I would like it to be where it was last, and the size it was last.

mark this off as Bill being Bill, persnickety.

Hi, Bill:

I am going to guess that you are talking about Xfce, here. Those actions are completely dependant on the Desktop in use.

If Xfce, then the answer is, for now, “Sorry, no.”.

It is the ONE main thing I found annoying with Xfce, but have managed to live with it.

Another thing I should have explained better. Not Xfce, I have learned to live with it on the laptop.
This is KDE/Plasma opening under lightDM.
I’ve done everything I know to do in the settings area, so maybe it can’t be done.
Just opening under the cursor is a positive, but it’d be nice if the windows sizes ate least were maintained.

For KDE, I think you can do some of this in

Configure Desktop → Window Management → Window Rules

However, I have no experience with doing this.

I’m using the “MS Windows 9x” widget style (System Settings > Application Style) but assume the following holds for other styles.

Right-click on the top border of a window then go to (More Actions > Special Window Settings > Size and Position tab) where many parameters can be set for a particular window. The first option is to set window position & size, with six options for setting the current window permanently, and I usually select “apply initially” for both position & size.

Note, this applies to particular windows. Right-clicking on the top border then “More Actions” also has a “Special Application Settings” where similar parameters can be set for an application. But this seems to make all windows associated with that application the same size.


This has some interesting parameters, some may be beyond my ability to set them correctly right off the bat, but well worth playing with.

That brings up settings for a ‘specific’ window if I read it right, and the settings are very similar to where nrickert pointed me. Again, worth persuing for specific windows that I don’t want on top of another.

Both are good points of reference,
More learning stuff or this OF newbie.

It has been a very long time since I was in KDE, but I recall there was someplace in the settings where a person could, among other things, set what screen edges do, and I think in that section, or close to it, was another place where a person could choose Window Placement. I always chose zero-cornered. I liked that, as all things popped up to the top and to the left. Window sizes for most things tend to open at the same size as when the application was last open.

The zero-cornered option is the one thing that I miss from KDE that it still might have as an option.

That is, if it was not one more of the hundreds of choices they took away from the Users when they ended KDE4.

Odd thing. On this HP Compaq desktop under KDE I can manage size and location.
On the HP Pavillion AIO under KDE I can’t.
Something to ponder!