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Guess this may sound silly… I updated my video driver from the one that camera with OpenSUSE 11.2 to the on on AMD’s site and well my desktop has all sorts of wizzy effects, things shimmer, wiggle, etc.

It looks impressive :slight_smile: except that I hate this since it slows me down… So I found a way to turn it off… but my daughter who noticed the new effects found them so cool she wants them. After fiddling with the settings I found some that don’t slow me down much except that I still have a problem with the resize behavior.

I’d like the resize behavior to work normally. That is that resizing a window would resize the content interactively, as it does with Desktop Effects off. I found the Resize plugin controls. There is even a mode called “Normal” which it is not. So I thought I could just disable the plugin… Well that makes resizing windows impossible… they no longer respond to the resize dragging (even though the cursor still turns into resize arrows).

I must have done something wrong… I guess after disabling the Desktop Effects Resize plugin I must enable something else… Does anyone know?

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Wouldn’t it make more sense to create a new user account for your daughter, and let her have all of the eye candy she wants? The settings would not carry over to your account. You can disable your own desktop effects.

I agree with a new user for your daughter.

But if this is not feasible, then you’ll have to at least tell us which desktop environment you’re using, kde or gnome?

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Thanks for the quick answers! I did not think about the user account options because those things appeared when the driver was updated, so I thought it was system level. I’ll think about that option as there are other impacts of using separate accounts.

I use 11.2 with Gnome. The control panel I found for the effects us called “CompizConfig Settings Manager”. I have the choice between Normal, Outline, Rectangle and Stretch Window Resize. None of these is equivalent to the non-Desktop Effect resize.

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  • Itai

When you have more people using the system, you should ALWAYS have more user accounts. Let everybody have its own files, environment, privacy, stupidity (your daughter deleting you hard worked on document by accident), etc. That should be from the start, not as an afterthought, because it may be very difficult to unentangle everything.

I advocate even that one person using the system for different types of work (like your own leisure, mail, documents vs things done for a sports club) has different users. Perfect to make a strict boundary between those things.