Window Manger Changed?!?!

I was using KDE… After I rebooted it started using ICEWM. How do I change it back?

Logout. At Login screen, bottom left, select KDE to start a new KDE session. Then type your name and password to enter KDE-Land.

Once in, on Classic Menu select ‘Personal Settings Configure Desktop’. On General Tab, in Personal Settings Section 2, click ’ Default Applications.’ Select System Settings, and at the bottom, ’ Window Manager.’ Select Default KDE Window manager and apply. Anytime you get messed up, this is where you really want to reset the Window Manager. Especially if Compiz-Fusion or KDE Desktop Effects go bonkers.

thanks a ton! Any way to get the login back to KDE? I had it setup for auto-login. Which I believe only works with KDE.

Kickoff ===> Yast2 ===> Security & Users ===> User & Group Management

In the User & Group Administration Window, it appears you can:

(select a specific user with the first ’ Users ’ tab or a user in the group by selecting the 'Groups ’ tab)


select Expert Options ===> Login Settings

Click Auto Login and then a Username. Or you could explore the dark side and enable " Passwordless Login ’