Window Manager


I am a new Opensuse 11.2 user and so far am loving it, apart from one little problem. I let my younger brother loose on my system last night and I seemed to have lost from the default taskbar at the bottom of the screen the area where my open program tabs are… this is the area of the taskbar where for instance if I have firefox and openoffice open at the same time different tabs appear that I can click on where I can switch between programs.

Does anyone know how I can retrieve it without having to do a clean install?


Right click, unlock widgets if necessary, add widgets and scroll down to the Task manager; add and then move into place.

And I hope you gave your brother his own username/id. Thus he can demolish what he likes without damaging any of your own settings or data. In the worst case you simply remove his userid and create it anew, then the whole DE will be fresh and default.