Window Manager Selection and NIS

I am trying to integrate two new machines into an old network running NFS and NIS. One machine has 11.4 and the other 11.3. On the 11.4 machine login, I select “other” and before entering my password I can select my desired window manager from the “sessions” list in the task bar.

On the 11.3 machine I select “other”, but nothing appears in the task bar. The “sessions” list briefly flashes up after I have already entered by password and hit enter. This machine always starts up in KDE even though I have specified GNOME as the default display manager.

Also, on either machine after validating my login, I never appear as a user in the login list. I always have to select “other”. Other network users in the same group or users local to the machine do not have either problem. I tried wiping my home directory, but it makes no difference. I’m guessing this has something to do with the NIS but there is no admin here anymore.

Any thoughts?

Are you 100% sure you have Gnome installed on that 11.3 machine? Where did you set your “default display manager”? In Yast - sysconfig Editor?

Yes, Gnome is installed. As I mentioned, other users have no problem running Gnome on this machine. And yes, in Yast - sysconfig DISPLAYMANAGER is set for gdm. The first time I logged in I had Gnome too. It was only on the second login, and after, that only KDE starts without letting me choose. You might ask why not just use KDE, but KDE seems less stable in this install.

Right now my workaround is to log in as a local user (Gnome works in this case) and then su to my NFS account to access my files.