Winbindd expert wanted for caching question.

Yesterday I was unable to authenticate offline using my AD account.
Normally when I start disconnected, I see my AD account in the GDM greeter.
But for some reason it was gone and when trying to connect in terminal mode, the /var/log/messages said: “User not known to the underlying authentication module”

Now I’m back on the network and after manually typing the AD user account and logon I can again see my username in the GDM.

Can someone please answer the following winbindd questions.

  • Where does GDM get the active user profiles to enumerate the greeter?
  • Where does winbindd store the offline account information?
  • How can I backup/restore this information so when it gets corrupted I can repair without connecting to the server?

Thank you in advance.

I answered question 3 myself, take a look at MySuSEproject: Winbind or Active Directory offline troubles with OpenSuSE 11.4
For the other 2 questions, any suggestions are welcome…

Thank’s for the feedback. To be honest the way Windows and especially AD handles authentication has always been a mystery to me :slight_smile:

It’s very complicated IMHO but then it gives a ton of possibilieties.

Best regards,