Win Xp dont boot after Suse 11.1 Installtion. (Grub Problem)


I have install my Windows Xp new, then i have install Linux new because i had changed my Hardware. The Instalation goes. After the Instalation i must reboot. Insted of Grub it comes an Grub Error Message 22.
I have tried this with the dvd on the existing boot manager tool again to get.But it not goes -.-

I will i register my New Windows, My Old (I runs there are my Office Windows) und openSUSE (Normal und Failsafe) but it not Boot. I not so good in Linux but i will learn it ;), so i need help what i can do and how i make an new Configuration for grub and how i can Grub so make that i come to the Startup Menu. My new Windows is my Main System.

Can anyone help me?

Dear Skiller26

Ps: My Englisch is not so good:X

Windows New is on sda1 and Linux root is son sdc6. The Old Windoof dev is not import.


You seem to have messed up a bit the partitions where grub is told to look for installed OSs it is in charge of booting.

Literally, error 22 means

22 : No such partition
This error is returned if a partition is requested in the device part of a device- or full file name which isn’t on the selected disk.

This, more or less, is telling you that grub is unable to locate the partition where the OS kernels and boot support files are stored.

To recover from this situation you´ll be likely be forced to boot in rescue mode, mount the file system where the /boot directory is stored, go to /boot/grub and edit menu.lst so that every stanza points to the right place.

If not familiar with grub, find its manual here:
GNU GRUB Manual 0.97