Win 7 - IN THE NEWS!!! WHY????

Greetings from the noobiest of noobs to set up camp here in camp OpenSUSE, and thanks again for help and support!

So… Windows is releasing a new version… I know I don´t need it on my glorified old type writer. I can´t believe the hype being made! The NEWS PROGRAMS, between reports on bombings in distant lands and promises made by polititions are singing praise to the new “7”.

It makes me mad!
Surfing around the news sites I came across comparisons with Google and Mac… LINUX isn´t even being mentioned!?
…and no reply from the news station regarding my mail as to why they are advertising Win 7 - IN THE NEWS!!!

All I know is that if anybody comes to me and asks any questions I´ll tell them that before they start spending money on an OS they should give OpenSUSE a try!

HELL - it´s even made difficult to buy a computer without Windows pre-installed…

OK, time to get off the Soapbox and back to work!

Have a nice day

> It makes me mad!

don’t be…you know, money talks…and newspaper, TV stations, and
etc NEED the money coming in that M$ is using in the MILLIONS to buy
ads to push their crap on some more people that will actually believe
that the Software Savior has come at last…

if i had a going broke TV station and had the option to run a “news”
piece for M$ or NOT, and then take the chance that Mr. Balmer cut his
ad budget to me to zero, what do you think i’d do??


MS is a marketing machine. What do you expect? :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it can align 2 windows side-by-side, and they copied the taskbar window previews that Compiz has had since, what, 2006?

I’m sold :wink:

…that was sarcasm by the way :sarcastic:

> if i had a going broke TV station and had the option to run a “news”
> piece for M$ or NOT, and then take the chance that Mr. Balmer cut his
> ad budget to me to zero, what do you think i’d do??

Not to mention the entire newsroom is probably enjoying a nice discount on
software. I asked a rep for a large hardware company why they don’t
advertise Linux even though they are one of the purported ‘supporters’ of
Linux. Quite frankly, he said, nobody is paying us to advertise Linux.
Can’t really argue with that. Like it or not, it sort of is news. It will
definitely be the hot topic for many months now. Yes it will see a
disproportionate amount of coverage, but then again it owns the biggest
slice of the pie.](

My son sent me a text yesterday. It read:-
“windows 7 was on the news
it looks like poo”

out of the mouths of babes & innocents eh?

And the more we talk about it in this forum, the more publicity MS gets for free, even if bad, it’s still publicity especially if it comes from linux forums. He can point the finger and say “even if they don’t like it, they can’t stop talking about it, and that’s good for us, and BTW this is why they are wrong…”. Trust me on that - don’t give them the free oxygen. :slight_smile:

That is because you can not even compare Windows to Linux… And if they start comparing both… windows will fell flat on its face. :slight_smile:


That snap really left me speechless :slight_smile: Will Bill Gates ever have the Guts to pose in front of some Linux OS…

This snap made me think about what will be the response of a Windows user who sees Bill Gates in posing thumbs up in front of some Linux OS…

And, what is the response of Linux users when they see this snap… Did anyone of us even thought even for a second that Linus was really promoting Windows 7… Not for me at least. I had a good laugh…

Linux users know what Windows OS is capable of. Period :slight_smile:

I recently read a BBC article that somehow soothed me. About Windows 7’s important competitors, it read something like: ‘Windows 7 is also facing tough competition from free operating systems, such as the Ubuntu Linux distribution.’
But why, oh why, does it always have to be Ubuntu that gets all the praise? When comparing Linux to Windows, an article usually starts like this: In this article, we will be using the Ubuntu distribution to compare Linux to Windows, because it is the most popular and mostly agreed to be the best distribution.
The ‘best’?
Does no other distro exist? What about openSUSE, Fedora, Mandriva, and the like…?
Anyway, I’m glad people are beginning to acknowledge Linux in general as a powerful competitor to Win7.

Linus is a pragmatic person. I recall him saying once that it is good that Windows exists because that way 1) gives a good reason for Linux to exist in the first place and 2) gives competition and forces Linux to out-compete it on various fronts. Linus does what he does because he loves it, not because he hates some OS and wants it to destroy it. He’s said that many times

That said, the pic was taken in Japan where Linus and others are currently at the Linux Kernel Summit and I’m sure someone told or made him do it, just for fun and a good laugh

Linus does not keep himself busy hating Windows or bashing it as much as some of the Linux fanatics do. There are actually lots of good technologies in Windows, even in kernel space, and MS has ex-UNIX kernel hackers working on the Win kernel internally. Check some of the vids on the MS developer site. The problem is how all this stuff is interconnected and wrapped around that makes it horribly inefficient, often slow and insecure.

I’m not sure if Gates or Ballmer will ever pose in front of Linux distro boxes, but if they do, there’s a high chance someone payed them as it’s a bit hard for me to imagine they doing it for free, though it’s possible. Dunno really. I don’t think someone payed Linus and he’s happy to do it for fun. Gates is a stiffy (a stiff person)

  • Tester5000,

that’s because Windows 7 will affect the entire humankind one way or another. Linux doesn’t. Like it or not.


Blasphemy! :open_mouth:

This was a joke and intended as fun. Don’t take it too seriously. If Torvalds thought Windows was so great, I’m sure MS would and could get him on their payroll but I’m pretty sure Linus won’t take it :wink:

Win7: I will not look at it again, until the musical version will be released. This is one dull game.

Ignoring problems isn´t the way to go!
by addressing problems we have abolished slavery and gained equal rights for women, we are addressing important matters such as religion fanatisisn and the polution of our planet… concepts like free knowledge and access to resouces help pull down the divide and break down barriers.

sure, it´s great to be rich and powerful, but at what cost?

…oops, I´m running on a bit of a tangent here.


that’s because Windows 7 will affect the entire humankind one way or another. Linux doesn’t. Like it or not.

thats like that butterfly up on the Mountian that flaps it´s wings and causes the tornado right!? :wink:
LINUX had a good thing going in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative. Which led to the whole sub-netbook flood a few years ago…
One Laptop per Child - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

…and then not everything that affects us takes place on a desktop PC either (thankfully!)


Win7: I will not look at it again, until the musical version will be released. This is one dull game.


selling Win while there are free options availible of equal or better value makes me think of a bottled water stand set up next to a clear mountain spring…

PS: Loved this vid - Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, two years on | Video on

I live in Microsoft’s back yard, and you can imagine what the hype is like here. Its more than the OS, though. With Boeing set to abandon this area for cheaper labor, and WaMu in oblivion, M$ will be alone as the economic bellwether in this region. So I rant about Windows, and try to steer people to Linux, but inside I want this to go well for them. It can’t be worse than Vista, can it?

No but it may turn out a bit like XP after 98, the one that runs for years and never gets any better - because MS has run out of ideas. It no longer has anything new to offer people. The only question is whether the decline is long and slow or short and sudden.

One of my friend installed 7 on his laptop, and i didn’t see any changes since vista. Just the desktop tool bar, which is more like KDE3.5. The driver issues are still there like crapy vista. Nothing new since vista. Can say as its v2 for vista.