Win 7 64 -Data recovery with new MB and CPU

Running Win 7 64 bit on old Intel Core 2 Duo. MB or chip died (lights on MB come on but no CMOS/BIOS @ boot, cannot access remotely) I’ve checked the HDD on another PC and it’s working fine…but I cannot see or find my my data in a search, I can only see all of the system and program files. the disk was not shared and was set up as NTFS.

So, the question is, can I install new MB/CPU/RAM on the original PC with the HDD at issue and retrieve my data?

Thanks for the help.

I guess you missed something while choosing where to ask your question.

This is the openSUSE forums. It is not about Windows 7 (or any other MicroSoft product).

It is like having a problem in your bycycle and going with it to Ford car dealer.

Well even though it appears not to be Linux related in any way I can see, You should be able to install a new mother board you may have to call MS and re register your OS. A pain but normally only takes a few minutes you will need the original codes that came with that machine. You should be able to see your data on the drive. It should not matter what computer you look at it with.

Hank, your analogy is flawed…but with 12,000+ posts here alone I guess you simply cannot help yourself from vomiting the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks for nothing; learn how to spell get a life…

Thank you

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