Will VirtualBox v6.1.0 be coming to LEAP 15.1

Oracle provides VirtualBox packages for several Linux Distributions, openSUSE being one.
The Oracle provided packages compile the VirtualBox Kernel modules against your Host’s
Installed Kernel when the VirtualBox host package is installed.
Same with the Oracle provided VirtualBox Guest Additions package, it compiles the
VirtualBox Guest Kernel module against the Guest OS Installed Kernel when the
VirtualBox Guest Additions are Installed.

Hence the need to reinstall the Oracle provided VirtualBox packages whenever the openSUSE Kernel
is updated (either on a host or guest).

The Oracle provided VirtualBox package names are somewhat generic.
The current openSUSE package name is titled “15.0”. Since the kernel modules are built
at package install time, the “15.0” package works with Leap 15.0, 15.1, and (I suspect) 15.2.
The Oracle Package name will change to include “16.0” in the openSUSE package name
whenever openSUSE releases a LEAP 16.0

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Unless has changed(unlikely), Virtualbox documentation should say that DKMS is supported, all you need to do is add that package from openSUSE as a dependency (install manually beforehand) and then your Virtualbox kernel modules will automatically re-build with every kernel update.
Also, it’s hard to generalize but at times Oracle seems to release builds that aren’t very specific to openSUSE versions (I remember something like Virtualbox “built for 13.2” working all the way through LEAP 42.3)

Everything else seems to be accurate, think of the installation as able to customize for the system it’s installed on.


Oracle supplied VirtualBox 6.1 Install packages no longer use DKMS.

The Installer script compiles the kernel modules.
Hence the requirement that the openSUSE “Base Development Pattern” and
the “kernel-devel” package be installed prior to running the
Oracle supplied Installers.


Did a little search…
Apparently Oracle VBox 5.x started including its own DKMS package in early 2019, possibly late 2018.
Don’t see anything about DKMS in VBox 6.x, so I assume that’s the case, that DKMS packages are included when installing Oracle packages.

AFAIK if you want to save yourself a little bit of space (and updating when it happens), you don’t need to install the entire “base development” pattern, you only need to install the gcc compiler and make.