Will Plasma 5.5 be released in Leap 42.1?

Maybe it’s a silly question, I don’t know, I’m not fully informed about openSUSE news…
But, since Plasma 5.5 fixes A LOT of bugs, is there a chance to be released for Leap 42.1?

It is available through this repo:


Thanks for the feedback, will it arrive to the stable repos?

The OSS (and non-OSS) repos of a specific openSUSE release will not change during their lifetime. This is not a rolling release (then go for Tumbleweed), but a fixed bunch of software that is tested together and stays together.

Security fixes and very important functionalty fixes (called “Recommended”) are released as retrofitted through the Update repos.

Leap 42.1

Would this suit me also ? I have been experiencing frequent (Plasma) crashes, where it continually resets itself, just moving through directories, opening then closing image files.

If you are having problems with plasma 5.4 then it makes sense to install plasma 5.5.

I installed plasma 5.5 yesterday (although using the latest tumbleweed rather than Leap) and it all works fine. Although I was not having any issues here with plasma 5.4.

there is a bug with dolphin’s activities plugin that crashes dolphin, wolfi had a fix
disabling the activities plugin or using oxygen instead of breeze works too.

Testing this suggestion - so far so good.

remove ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/

Logged out of Plasma 5 and logged into IceWM

Opened a console and using midnight commander - moved the kactivitymanagerd folder into /home.

Rebooted into Plasma 5

Tested opening image files in several hard drives. Seems to be working

Still testing …

Also came across this log. Can anyone throw some light on this ? is it possible to install another version of libQt5Sql ?

kactivitymanage[1576]: segfault at 7fb33d5abd10 ip 00007fb33d7f269a sp 00007fff1877c3a8 error 4 in libQt5Sql.so.5.5.0[7fb33d7dd000+3f000]

Not easily.
But Qt 5.5.1 has been submitted as update for Leap.

You can ignore that crash though. It’s a bug in kactivitymanager and probably fixed in 5.17.0. Shouldn’t cause real problems though.