Will OpenSuse automatically switch between 2 graphic cards?

Hello, this is a hypothetical question because I haven’t installed OpenSuse 12.1 on my laptop yet.

Anyways, in laptop i have two graphic cards (ATI HD 3200 and Ati HD 4570). In windows the better one is turned on when I connect power adapter.

I would use KDE and OpenSuse 12.1. Do I need to install drivers for both cards (for 3xxx series and 4xxx series)? Secondly, will OpenSuse also manage which one to choose automatically in a manner that windows does?


Up to Archlinux wiki (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Hybrid_graphics) this could be possible.

AFAIK if both cards are supported by the same drive you only install once, else both drivers should be installed and xorg.conf (or it’s relevant part in xorg.conf.d) edited to bind each card to it’s driver. AFAIK.

I doubt so. It would probably require a changing in xorg.conf (or xorg.conf.d) and restarting X.

But note I don’t have a setup like yours, so I’m just speculating here. Perhaps someone more experienced can give you better info.