Will opensuse ALP have a non-transactional edition?

I hear on reddit that it might have it.

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I have used SUSE Linux since 6.1. I have recently experimented with MicroOS and the ALP instances which I’m running via KVM on Leap 15.4.

When Leap 15.5 ends, is there going to be an openSUSE version in the classic sense of a Linux Distribution?

For me, Tumbleweed is too much effort to keep “patched” when you don’t need / want to be on the bleeding edge. If 15.5 is the end of the line … then perhaps I need to plan moving to Debian.

What concerns about the lack of an ALP / Tumbleweed alternative do others have?



My plan is to try whatever it turns out to be. And my fallback will be Tumbleweed. I already have Tumbleweed installed as an alternative boot, and I currently update it every two weeks. So it would not be too painful to switch.

@tnokon hard to say what it will be like in at least 18+ months, MicroOS and Tumbleweed roll, but at some point the next transactional release will probably follow the Leap release cycle, branched from Tumbleweed etc. I see the only difference it an update and reboot required since it’s running btrfs.

Have you tried it out, MicroOS to see how it goes?