Will OpenSUSE 11 come with Firefox 3 Final?

Firefox 3.0’s final version (not beta or RC anymore) will be on June 17 2008, two days before the release of OpenSUSE 11. So will openSUSE 11 include the final version of Firefox 3 or not?

No, because the 11.0 masters have already been made and Firefox3 hasn’t reached final yet. But no doubt it will be available as an update package later.

Why worry? Linux distros have moved gradually towards an online and incremental upgrade model anyway.

Since “Gold Master” is today - it won’t include the Final version.

It’ll however be patched via the update system as before.

It should be the latest RC (not beta5) and the final will be available as soon as it’s released.

No it will be Beta 5 on the final release because factory was frozen (bugfixes only) before RC1 came out.

you can always get the final off the build service if needed.

I got the one from buildservice, RC3 works much better than beta 5.