will not run

I downloaded SuSE 11.1 Live,
It booted up fine on my HP laptop,
It booted up fine on our Acer, second desktop,
An old XP computer, will not see it, it goes straight past into XP, (CD RW is first Boot )
Our main computer,(self build ), it will not run.
The computer boots SuSE, the words Open SuSE come on screen
The white installation bar goes across the screen,
When it reaches the end, the screen goes black,
The boot sound is heard, and the CDRW stops flashing.
The screen stays black, after 30 minutes it’s still black,
It will not let me eject the disc, so I turn of the computer

Try to burn a CD R- if your reader supports it. Burn it with lowest speed available. Might be an incompatibility of the reader. Which graphic card do you use?
Did you try to boot in failsafe?

These type of problems are quite often a mis-detected graphics card or monitor. Quite often running an xorg.conf creator will get you through these problems.

Try sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

As for the old xp mmm sounds hardware related rather than anything else, does it do this with all autoinstall/start cds?

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