will not load after the kernel

I am attempting to load to a hard drive WD black 640gb and this operating system(42.2) will not do it. I have a 6770 radeon card, an N68C asrock motherboard and 8 gb of ddr3 ram. My monitor is a VGA. As to the last response, the guy told me to press “e” and it does restart the computer, that I need a driver he said, well, that will be good luck as there is no desktop to load one. mabey this is a gimmick thing where I have to use a USB stick instead of a DVD, I hate Solid State stuff when I have a very disk to use to load. The thing that gets me about these engineers is that it should just find a DDR4 rig an easy thing. I can’t figure where to get the disk to load what makes this work. I am used to loading windows all the way back to win95 CD after fdisk and format C: but mabey no one ever heard of that here. I wish you guy would explain what kind of thing I need to put in to get the hard drive prepared so I am not being told things like DOS know how. Unless you can walk me through a DOS command setup every single letter and space at the A prompt, but this is supposed to be NTFS. I have never learned NTFS commands except on my now sold T3092 emachines.

Please keep things on a single thread rather then starting a new one for the same problem it is confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you add the nomodeset kernel parameter I suggested? So what happened exactly?? We can not look over your shoulder

If you want you could prepare the disk with gparted live disk but this is not really needed and problem seems more like a video card problem. It is not a disk partition problem and Linux does not use NTFS or FAT for its normal files but can mount MS formatted partitions

The video card is a 6770 HD XFX it called a 1GB but its clock is 850Mhz.
I did not yet understand the nomodeset. It sounds like I have to access the command codes going by at startup and those are controlled by text files in the folders of the operating system with explicit typed commands.Those code go by kind of fast and what key to press to stop them? I could unload the operating system to a desktop on another computer and add in some commands in the text doc then reburn and use a DVD-RW then if it works burn with a permanent DVD.

At the boot menu press e this takes you to edit mode find the line starting with linux or linuxefi go to the end (just press the end key) add space and nomodeset press F10 to start boot. There is nothing mystic just edit some text. This will then load fall back drivers that should the allow you to fix the system