Will Microsoft Windows ever be Open Source?

I would expect Apple to make their OS work on PC hardware out of the box first. But I guess that could be another poll.

Agreed. Once Evil Empire - always Evil Empire!

or elephants to fly…


Don’t you mean pigs? Elephants fly by jumbo jet. :wink:

> Don’t you mean pigs?

you are correct, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_pigs_fly

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On Tue, 01 Sep 2009 08:28:09 +0000, goldie wrote:

>> Don’t you mean pigs?
> you are correct, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_pigs_fly

I dunno, I’ve seen a horse fly; I’ve even seen a drgaon fly, but I ain’t
never seen no elephant (or pig) fly! :wink:


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> I dunno, I’ve seen a horse fly; I’ve even seen a drgaon fly, but I ain’t
> never seen no elephant (or pig) fly! :wink:

that ain’t nothing! i have, with my own eyes (this is no “she said she
saw”), seen a house fly!!! :wink:


Drink enough vodka and you will see elephants fly… They also dance and sing…

Oh those pretty pink elephants lol! :X

ROTFL … The evil ones are probably looking at this forum …

I guess my answer is no…

Horses? Pigs? Dragons flying around… wtf is going on in here? I think some in here need a mental check :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve seen none of those fly around. But if you’re talking about raining frogs, that’s an entirely different thing :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah, I guess cows can fly but only in the US where tornados are around

Well sheep don’t even need a tornado to fly, just some “good motivation”:

Flying Sheep

Of course there is also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRbHh7crD2M) with Tiddles the flying cat. About 8 minutes in.

Ah, “Interesting People”, an all-time classic by the Pythons.

Also containing the great


only a few seconds later (unfortunately not in that particular yt-video which stops a few seconds too early).

M$ is complex political based statement in that a good 45% ++ portion is contributed thru contracted services. To put M$ as open source is not very likely, as others have pointed out there would be major legal backlash from business as the proof of poor code integration (security holes) would be evident. M$ wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. As per the person talking about M$ registry bloat this is very true. Linux uses a registry too though! In windows the registry contains values for every app installed in one ever growing file which gets badly fragmented with letf behind entries as apps are removed. the result is slow down. In Linux flavors, each program contains a mini registry explicite to that app. When you delete the app you delete the registry (control files). Where windows loads the entire registry at start, Linux loads the config files for the apps it is currently asked to run. Thus a major improvement in memory use. Hope this is useful.:slight_smile:

M$ is trying to move to pay per use under the assumption that people will adapt and also that people really believe the TV ads that the PC is owned by M$ cause it comes preloaded with EULA with legal jargon designed to convince people they have to stay with M$. I agree with you on Greed being their mantle. Windows 7 is a bigger mistake IMHO because firstly, it requires an always on Internet connection so it can update drivers and dll’s at start-up and secondly windows 7 is focused on repairing Vista rather than adding to Vista. Windows 7 is more a pay per use Vista that was firstly attempted and failed in windows ME. M$ is more concerned with future sales, which will not happen if they perfect the operating system. If your having problems and are offered a resolve the tendency is to jump on the quick solution and buy new.:wink: