Will Microsoft Windows ever be Open Source?

Yeah I know. My third attempt at a poll. But I see a future, not right away of course, that Microsoft would be better off making their OS open source, for better company profits. If not 100% Open Source then something similar?

It would not be soon. Maybe by Windows 11 (approx.)

What are other peoples thoughts on this?

Even if Microsoft execs used considerable amount of DTM and methamphetamine they couldn’t do it because Windows has lots of cross licensed IP from other companies who would never sign a waiver.

I tried to add a poll to this, I went beyond five minutes and could not do it. I am starting to not like the way this forum is set up, lol.

  • suse amd64x2 wrote, On 08/10/2009 08:36 AM:
    > I tried to add a poll to this, I went beyond five minutes and could not
    > do it. I am starting to not like the way this forum is set up, lol.

Check “Yes, post a poll with this thread” and the poll options will appear after you hit “Submit new thread”


I did that. But I looked over the answers a few times before I hit post and it went beyond five minutes (I was going a little slower and making sure I covered all the answers this time, lol.)

That is when it said I was only able to post a poll within five minutes of making the post.

I doubt it. Microsoft’s model is inherently incompatible with the open source one and as Heidi said, there’s the huge IP mess too. MS would have to completely change and rewrite virtually all of Windows to open source it and I just don’t see that happen at all.

:stuck_out_tongue: ok this is strictly from user’s point of view. Firstly who knows what is hidden under the hood…what code they were and are using borrowed or not? I’m not sure they would want others to know.

As far as i understood with my limited knowledge of how a OS works windows uses the registry right? Not sure if this rly is the case but i was told that the registry is partly why it is so slow…so abandoning that would be maybe a good idea no? The OS has it’s faults but they can be ironed out with some drastic changes IMHO.

Going with this i strongly believe that in order for microsoft to make money in the future they will have to abandon certain parts of their OS…go with a UNIX-BSD type kernel and their own desktop (that Aero windows thing) and open source both…or not if they go with BSD style licensed and closed source only. When this is done whether they choose to ask money for windoz or not is their business, but they can surely market the “addon” programs (like Microsoft Office) better if windows behaves more like the other UNIX type OSes. Immunity to vast array of viruses can be achieved all they have to do is abandon their current OS and slap on their own desktop allow for root make every program compatible with the new os and enable interoperability of the microsoft programs with other OSes…blah blah blah.

Due to their prior marketing and known name in the general publics eye i honestly think this move would land them a heap of cash.

Windoz sux as a server? and now as a desktop? No prob…abandon, allow microsoft closed source to run on GNU/Linux, BSD and other Unix systems, let’s sell our better marketed software. <–is what i think is in their minds…or something sinister and cruel rotfl! (ok ok :stuck_out_tongue: fooling)

It’s hard to compete with BSD and GNU/Linux, they r more stable, faster and the os itself or at least the software u run on it can be 100% free (as in free beer) and open.

IMO what M$ has going for itself now is not Windows but the programs that run on windows itself. Windoz is dead and it most likely will not rise from it’s grave but fall further and rot.

Another thing they have going for them and i believe it is why windoz is still in use on the desktop are the video games. Games like Mass effect, Crysis, Prototype, Jade Empire, Fallout 3, Oblivion etc…

You may say wine can run those games too. Well yeah but nothing runs them soo smoothly as windoz itself!

How many of us still use Xp or 7 just for games? I know i have a pc set up for my brother with 7 just for the games. He refuses to touch GNU/Linux for 1 reason alone: “games don’t run or run wih lower fps on GNU/Linux”. The biggest battle imo is to bring games to run on all operating systems and not just Windoz with it’s directX.

As i see it there is a possibility M$ will go with and open source, possibly free (not likely free as in free beer dough) OS integrating the good parts of windoz as base platform for their other products which will most likely remain closed source. They can’t pay off hardware manufacturers and distributors for much longer and burden them with shipping a very costly and crappy OS any longer :slight_smile:

Either way it’s all good for us. It will mean choice. We’ll have closed and open quality programs to choose from as users, dough i doub’t i’ll use the commercial closed variant. Companies may do however.

If they do ever open source it which I think highly unlikely for many reasons, one intriguing possibility is that they will get sued by users (especially large sites) for making it easy for crackers to find the doubtless thousands of latent security holes in Windows. Of course, at the moment, crackers have no difficulty at all finding hole after hole even without access to the source.

The next time you want to make a poll here,try what I did.
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It’ll usually take about 5 minutes to set up the poll questions.

Back to topic, MSFT put Windows out as Open Source?
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Do u guys think they might try to pull something like what apple did with BSD? What would be standing in the way of using BSD code like that? They can’t use GPL-ed code or similar as far as i know because of the restrictions against inhibiting the softwares freedom. BSD licensed code can be closed off dough and worked with, thus they can steal a whole kernel to build upon.

:stuck_out_tongue: sry i guess i’m just intrigued, it’s recently that i got into the open source camp and i have questions.

The first GNU/Linux os i ever used was Suse…i can barely remember…it was 3 or 4 cds, before novell not even sure on the version anymore it was more then 5 years ago maybe 7, back then i did not have internet :stuck_out_tongue: nor anyone around me who used it so i abandoned the attempt untill recently when i jumped back to Suse after trying out Ubuntu , gentoo Fedora, and Sabayon. So sry if i say something stupid.

On Tue, 25 Aug 2009 23:56:01 +0000, rimtotem wrote:

> . BSD licensed code
> can be closed off dough and worked with, thus they can steal a whole
> kernel to build upon.

It’s not really “stealing” since that use is permitted by the terms of
the BSD license. In fact, Microsoft already uses BSD code in their TCP/
IP stack.


Jim Henderson
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Wasn’t the source code to Windows 2000 or XP leaked a few years back?

Wonder what happened to that?

It was big news at the time, but strangely vanished and was never heard of again!

I think it was just some hype. It probably went to the big /dev/null. 80 % of it was blue screens anyway.:stuck_out_tongue:

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 08:06:01 +0000, growbag wrote:

> Wasn’t the source code to Windows 2000 or XP leaked a few years back?

I vaguely recall something like that happening. At the same time, there
is an academic license for Windows’ source code IIRC. But covered by a
strong NDA, and I would think anyone working on OSS projects would stay
light-years away from it.


Jim Henderson
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[QUOTE=rimtotem;2031527Windoz is dead and it most likely will not rise from it’s grave but fall further and rot.[/QUOTE]
Windows is dead? Does its 89% market share know that?

I really dislike the windows os i am now working on 2 more systems that have been hit by the worm virus and they were both loaded with vista, MS should look into going open source to an extent, but as some of you have said that will never happen i feel do to greed. i have been using SUSE for so long and have never had a problem. i have never had a internet problem. MS would have done better if they would have went open source in the beginning when they had the chance. and the new 7 as far as i am concerned is a mess made from the two previous systems they never got right. with the money they have made so far they would be better of revamping the os all together to make it better and safer. you would think by seeing first hand the great involvement open suse has and the steps taken to have a system that is solid MS would have done the same…

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But serious: the only way I see this happen, is by force. International laws would have to force it on MS, otherwise never. Apple admitted their use of BSD in advance, I’m not expecting such a thing from MS. Today I would not be surprised if they already embed loads of ‘borrowed’ code from linux. Who knows?

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