Will KDevelop 5 be in OpenSUSE?

Hi, KDevelop 5 is released and it has a lot of features. I’d like to develop with it.
When will it be available to install in OpenSUSE repository?

You can install it now


But it says that it’s an unstable package and I can’t find it in Yast.

It is considered “unstable” because it is not in the standard repos.

On checking for Leap, I see that it is in the “KDE:Extra” repo. While that’s not a standard repo, it is managed by the same openSUSE developers, so is probably one of the more stable of the unstable repos.

If you add that repo, then it will show up in Yast. However, if you add that repo, then unstable versions of other installed software will show up there. This usually isn’t a problem, but it could lead to a problem if you are careless and install versions that don’t match.

I’m installing.
Thanks. :):slight_smile:

And there’s of course also kdevelop4 (with about the same features) in the standard repos.

kdevelop5 has been submitted to Factory, but is still stuck in staging and (possibly legal) review.
It will turn up in the distribution at some time in the near future, but definitely not in Leap 42.1 (not even 42.2).