Will KDE4.2 final provide in Packman Repo?

Hi,KDE4.2 Final will release tomorrow! Is it safe to install from KDE website,or Packman will provide it? :wink:

AFAIK The Packman repo never provided KDE rpms. The KDE installation is safest if you are installing it from KDE repository.

Which repo? I have 4 repo : OSS,NON-OSS,Packman & OpenSUSE 11.1 Updates. Or I have to add a specific repo for it? So we can upgrade to KDE4.2 tomorrow? Don’t have to wait till it up in repo?

You need to add the kde factory repos
KDE/Repositories - openSUSE


I’m not figured out yet but something is wrong with the dependencies. After disabling my Stable repos, and Selecting Update all the Software Manager wants to remove a lot of plamoids, and it wants to downgrade/remove powerdevil. :\

I have to add this repo? Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

Add the 4 repo (for your openSUSE release) of the KDE_4.2_Factory_Development section (see theKDE/Repositories - openSUSE wiki page).

All of them?

no, only the one for your SUSE version

Yes, there are 4: desktop, qt, extra apps and community


Just noticed you mentioned that you disabled your stable repos. If you mean you disabled oss and non-oss, don’t do that! Those are the basic OpenSUSE 11.1 distribution repos and you’ll find that YaST will need stuff from there to pull in dependencies for lots of things.

The KDE repos for 11.1 have packages with higher version numbers so they will update from what’s in oss by pulling in the higher versions with a right click, all in this list, update to a higher version if available. If you don’t have the oss repo enabled then system libraries needed might really mess up the updating if YaST can’t locate them!

I’m figured it out. :slight_smile: PowerDevil gets automatically uninstalled on KDE4.2 update, because it is included in kdebase4-workspace package.

:expressionless: Those 4 repo is not STABLE right? Is it better wait for KDE4.2 Final up in 11.1 STABLE repo? How long should i wait?

If I’m right the KDE4.2 will be in stable repo when 11.2 comes out. You can freely update to KDE4.2 from the factory.

The STABLE repo will remain to 4.1.3 (maybe 4.1.4, but I don’t think so) with security fix only.

You need to use the 4.2 Factory repo if you want a “stabilized” version on 4.2, or use /trunk (for the upcoming 4.3 branche) if you are a developper… or crazzy.

KDE4.2 is released. I’ve added those 4 factory repo,what should I do next? It doesn’t show any update…:stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure the repo’s are enabled

And that you disabled the STABLE kde repos.

>:( errrr…installed KDE4.2 from KDE site ‘one-click install’ for my 11.1,install successful,but with a lot of conflict…then many problem appear,kwin,plasma…god…

Which STABLE repo should I disable? Sorry for this stupid question…Thanks guy.