Will it fit?

I have an Eeepc 701 of Asus fame.
My question? Will OpenSuse 11.1 fit on the 4 gigs I have available to me.
I did get it to sort of work, but ran into all sorts of configuration problems.
Do I persist or go to Xandros, which it originally came with but I don’t like cause it is too user unfriendly, or do I try another breed of Linux?

Well, I guess technically, the liveCD is 700 megs, which should mean that an install from the liveCD wouldn’t be more than 1gig.

Plus you could use a RAM /tmp folder and don’t bother with a swap partition, that would save quite a bit.

It’s when you start installing stuff that it gets hungry. My root partition is 10 gigs and I’m using nearly 7 of those.

I’ve found that the kernel source eats a lot of space too, so I linked it to a seperate folder on my /home partition (not that that will help you in any way!).

Try it and see I guess, maybe install it on a 4gig USB stick first (if your system can boot from USB of course).

I managed to get a custom install from an openSUSE KDE4 4.3 reloaded CD installed on one of these. After install 2.3GB diskspace was taken. Two days after install the owner replaced the SSD by a 32GB SSD. With some help from various internet sources we 'dd’ed the install from the 4GB to the 32GB. Haven’t spoken to the guy eversince, so I assume it works.