Will Intel i3 processor with onboard graphics work on openSUSE 11.2?

I’m planning to build a new PC based upon ASUS P7H55 board with Intel i3 processor with onboard graphics. Will the setup work with openSUSE 11.2 i.e. will I be able to make use of onboard graphics present in i3 processor?
Yogesh M

What is the graphic?

I recommend you download a liveCD, burn it (at slowest speed possible to a high quality +R or -R (not RW) media) and boot to that liveCD. That way you can test without installing. Take a look at my post#8 here: openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - OpenSUSE 11.2 I586. Will it work on Pentium D?

Intel i3 processor with onboard graphics == Intel® Core™ i3 530 processor with Intel® HD Graphics.

I already have openSUSE 11.2 DVD; was just curious whether it would work or not.

If you can afford the bandwidth, then download either the Gnome or the KDE official openSUSE-11.2 liveCD, burn the CD, and boot to it. It gives a very good flavour as to whether you might have a problem without installing anything. I honestly believe that test will SAVE you time, in case you encounter a problem. I provided the link above to various liveCDs and the official should be clear from that.

If you do have a problem, you could then download and burn the openSUSE-11.3 milestone-3 liveCD, and also test that. If that does not work, you could raise bug reports (with your forum username/password you have access to writing bug reports) and that way be assured as best possible that 11.3 will work on your PC. I can provide links as appropriate to find this stuff.

The OP does not have the PC yet…

I am more then sure that linux will work on it, the i3 seems to use the x86-64 architecture according to some web pages I have found so I dont think it will be incompatible.
As for the graphics card, I dont think that will be an issue either, intel is pretty good with graphics card support with linux despite some models not working.
At worst you won’t have desktop effects, but hey if it the OS works then thats what really counts and not fancy effects.

On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 00:36 +0000, TaraIkeda wrote:

> At worst you won’t have desktop effects, but hey if it the OS works
> then thats what really counts and not fancy effects.

Actually worst case would be to have NO acceleration. Which makes
watching moderately good video ugly (e.g. 480p won’t be possible).

So… it is important. As mentioned already, with a bit of work,
you can get the Intel support for the i3. But that’s the cost
of being on the bleeding edge. The other cost for going off
the cleaner path is other (possible) introduced regression problems
from running newer kernels, Xorg and drivers.

I agree with cjcox here. Good graphics capability is an important OS component these days. I would consider using an NVIDIA graphics card with your system.

well if the OP needs to he/she could wait till openSUSE 11.3 before installing a linux based OS on the system.
Or stick it out with Ubuntu Lucid as a filler to see if a newer kernel will handle the system better, of course I only mention Lucid as I know its coming out next month, 11.3 will come out in July according to the schedule.
I am not sure about other distros he can try, but I can almost set my watch by ubuntu’s release cycle so I usually try that first when concerning newer hardware.
If it works then I try openSUSE

Got the system and installed openSUSE 11.2.

  • Not detected SATA DVD drive; had to change SATA configuration to “Compatible” in the BIOS.
  • No X after installation; switched to run-level 3 and ran sax2 for it to work. It used VESA driver and performance was very low.
  • Upgraded kernel to 2.6.33 from Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/openSUSE_11.2. It still used VESA but performance improved considerably.
  • Upgraded X11 also; and deliberately set driver as intel, but still unable to use opengl, most notably no desktop effects.

At the moment X performance seems satisfactory but no opengl/desktop effects is a disappointment.

Any info on what can be done further?

My guess is there is (unfortunately) a good chance that these Intel® HD Graphics will NOT work with 11.2’s 2.6.31 kernel.

If I guess correctly, then your choices are to install a 2.6.33 kernel on your 11.2, or go for 11.3 milestone3 which is NOT ready for general release.

If it were me, I would install a 2.6.33 kernel on 11.2.

If you search here, Software.openSUSE.org you will see the “head” repository has a 2.6.33 kernel you can use:


kernel is the 2.6.33-34.1 , noting this changes almost daily and may not be completely stable. But if you can grab a functional version, then go with that.

EDIT : I see you have gone for the 2.6.33

… or simply live with the VESA driver.

… and its possible I am wrong, and you may be able to stay with the 2.6.31 kernel and may be able to use sax2 to use the “intel” or the “iegd” driver. See post#3 openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums and post #43 and #44 openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

EDIT : You could try to use and if necessary rebuild the iegd driver for your 2.6.33 kernel

Do anyone has any idea how can I tinker with Gallium3D?

I don’t even recall reading about Gallium3D until I saw your post. I note this wiki page: Gallium3D - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Searching here: Software.openSUSE.org

I see user jobermayr has done something in this regard:


with a bunch of Mesa and xorg-x11-driver rpms … etc … BUT there is no indication as to the quality and installing any of those could cause an unresponsive failed system. One likely needs to chat with the packager first and I can’t help there.

There is also a development rpm here:


xorg-x11-server-vgallium-extension-devel-1.0-5.1 - and again, I have no idea as to the functionality of that rpm, nor its intended purpose.

Unless one is a developer, or interested in supporting a specific developer in this area, my recommendation would be to simply avoid it. Don’t mess with Gallium unless you are in contact with the packager/developers and are trying to help them out.

Ok. I’ll stick to what I have now and wait for 11.3.:slight_smile:
Thanks to all for prompt replies.