Will 11.3 update to KDE 4.5?


KDE software collection 4.5 is due out in about a week. Will 11.3 be officially updating to it, or will 4.4.4 remain in place until 11.4 comes out?

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Not officially though there will be versions of 4.5 in Factory for people to try out. openSUSE will skip 4.5 and go straight to 4.6 for 11.4.

See http://forums.opensuse.org/english/news/announcements/441723-warning-users-kde-factory-repositories.html

Thanks for the update.

If I understand that correctly there will be no way to seriously use KDE 4.5 with the current openSUSE because the repo will switch to 4.6 beta soon. That… kinda blows, why no up-to-date stable KDE repo for people who would just like to use the latest KDE without doing the beta-dance?

I should just wait and see. It may well get pushed in to the repos, if only by some kind individual with the time to maintain it. I already shifted to 4.6 in this 11.4 install.

Couldn’t it be installed from the kde repo?

See this
KDE 4.5 final version is available