Will 11.2 support KDE 3.5?

I know that the release date of 11.2 approaches. Will 11.2 support KDE 3.5?

KDE-3.5 will not be offered as part of the official Novell/SuSE-11.2 release.

I suppose its possible someone in the openSUSE community may package a version of 11.2 with KDE-3.5 , although I have not read anywhere that such a packaging will take place.

Thanks oldcpu. Guess I’ll have to stay with 11.1 as long as I can. Makes me a sad panda. KDE 4.X removed a lot of stuff I just like to have. Like a separate wallpaper for every desktop. Stuff I want on the toolbar :wink: Bloaty goodness.

seperate wallpapers are possible with kde4 and pretty simple to do now

Ha! Ya think?

The next Ubuntu might be brown, too…


The next Ubuntu might be brown, too…

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Just installed KDE 3.5.10 from here:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.2

Took 2 seconds to start up. Great!

Thanks !

If you can, what might be of interest, would be for you to run:
rpm -qa --last
and then copy the chronological list of the rpms you installed to provide KDE-3.5.10 on 11.2 RC1, and then post that on a pastebin site such as: pastebin - Type, paste, share.

That way those who like you are curious about KDE3 on 11.2 can setup that repository and then see if an update to KDE3 works for them.

FlameBait wrote:

> Thanks oldcpu. Guess I’ll have to stay with 11.1 as long as I can. Makes
> me a sad panda. KDE 4.X removed a lot of stuff I just like to have. Like
> a separate wallpaper for every desktop. Stuff I want on the toolbar :wink:
> Bloaty goodness.

Separate wallpaper is available - just takes some finding. Top right corner
of the screen is a funny-looking little gubbins that, if you click on it,
brings up a menu which contains “configure plasma”. Selecting “different
activity for each desktop” will allow you different wallpapers.

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I was worried about the lack of KDE3.5 goodies (that’s why I’m still on 10.3) but this KDE4.3 is finally usable, so if you have some spare time, maybe you should give it a try… I’ll definitelly switch to 11.2 once it become official.


Although I pretty much just use kde 4 these days (using 11.2 rc) I do occasionally still use kde 3.

All you need to do to install kde3 (on a opensuse 11.2) set up is to add the repo as shown in one of the above posts to this thread. You need to add the main kde 3 base and libs packages - plus any others that you would like to install (mulitmeida, grphics etc).

If you then log-out of kde 4 - you will have a menu option to log-in to kde 3. Applications (for both kde 4 and kde 3) will run on either system. For example I prefer the kde3 versions of kscd and kaffeine (to the kde 4 versions) and tend to use these whatever kde version I am using at the time.

11.2 needs a KDE 3.5 a one click install.
I did an install of 11.2 on a old Athlon 2200 with a Geforce 2 MX400 and a gig of memory. Mozilla got wonky on me while I was using it and configuring the Bookmark bar. If it wasn’t for stuff like this I could almost live with KDE 4.X

Not easily finding the tool to adjust the screen resolution was surprising too.

At the moment, it appears that KDE 3.5 runs ok on openSUSE 11.2. I suspect this will be the case for a few more releases yet, but the important thing to keep in mind is that the build-service repo (Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.2) is** officially unmaintained** (see this link).](http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/4101)

As the linked post explains, no one has volunteered to maintain the KDE 3 repo, so as the distribution moves one, it is only a matter of time before libraries and other utilities used by KDE3 become out-of-sync. So you’ll be looking a dependency failures and instability when that happens.

Of courses, maintaining the “legacy” branch shouldn’t be too hard, it’s mostly a matter of making sure the packages build against the latest version of openSUSE, and adjusting dependencies and configuration when needed. Perhaps someone will take this job up, but it appears that the interest is waning. It’s hard to justify spending time on the old software when KDE 4 is rapidly becoming “the” KDE (er, that is, KDE’s Plasma Workspace…).

Don’t mean to scare people away; KDE 3.5 does work on openSUSE 11.2; but it’s important to realize that it may not be a long term solution.

it is still early days but so far the 11.2 kde 3.5 repo has had more updates than the 11.2 kde 4 repo

Really? That’s surprising; somebody must be playing with that repo. What kind of updates?

3.5 is dead and buried, just let it go already.

NO… we shouldn’t be told to “just let it go already”!

Since when do any of us have the ordained right to tell other people to do something which is against their personal tastes or choice?

Did OpenSuSE suddenly get absorbed by Apple or is it a social dictatorship?

KDE 4.3.x in OpenSuSE 11.2 has a number of issues which should be looked at. From my own humble experience.

  1. When some of us have multiple desktops we discover between logout the names of desktops over four just revert to the defaults.

  2. When running multiple monitors it’s not unusual for the primary and secondary screens to switch.

  3. KDE 4.3.x is no where close to being as customizable as KDE 3.5 when you’re running multiple monitors and want separate work space customizations for both monitors across different desktops.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve had issues with KDE 4.3.x and some volume and sound setup and control. Between logout settings revert to… default.

KDE 3.5.10 in 11.2 … doesn’t work like it does for 11.0 and 11.1; that is most certain. I’ve upgraded to OpenSuSE 11.2 with KDE 4.3.x on two notebook computers. I don’t use multiple monitors on the notebooks. On systems where multiple monitors are used… for the most part I use OpenSuSE 11.0 still.

I don’t know anyone personally who likes KDE 4.3.x over KDE 3.5. I’ll repeat that: “I don’t know anyone personally who likes KDE 4.3.x over KDE 3.5”.

I know a number of people who use Linux everyday and I’ll repeat… none of them like KDE 4.x.x in it’s present form. A lot of us are waiting for KDE 4.3.x to start to get close to what we have come to expect from KDE 3.5. More than one of these people are trying to “force” feed themselves KDE 4.x.x on notebooks or single monitor stations. I know several of these individuals have gone from OpenSuSE or Ubuntu to alternate distributions; most notably… Debian.

Maybe it’s time to start forking KDE and OpenSuSE? If for no other reason… but to escape the forces of distribution tyranny.

Ha… and I’m a distro-fanatic but I’m not on a box trying to beat my co-users, of any Linux distribution, or Gnome, xfce, or the CLI, into a corner where their personal choices and desires are ignored by elitist cliques and distro-fascists.

I thought Linux was about freedom and choice?

I thought OpenSuSE/SuSE was… about having a lot of fun with those freedoms of choice?

My choice… is to ask that KDE 3.5.10 be supported in OpenSuSE 11.2 or 11.3. Personally… I believe there is a “real” and “silent” majority of KDE users who prefere 3.5 over 4.x.x.

A moderator interjection. Lets not read in to this something that is not there. Thats a fabrication and not helpful.

Users are free to make recommendations on this forum as long as they are within the forum guidelines.

No one is forcing anyone to do anything.

I note that from a laptop, my capability to drive an external monitor works better in KDE4 than it ever did in KDE3. In fact, it was pure cr*p in KDE3. It works good in KDE4. Real good.

My sound on all of my PCs has never worked better, than in KDE4 on openSUSE-11.2.

I do. I’ll repeat. I do. In fact, I do not know one person personally who likes KDE3 over KDE4. I won’t repeat it this time. I’m sure you read it the first time.

The choice is now there for you, but you now need to do more work. Because the maintainers have moved on. So if you wish to use KDE-3.5 you will need to contribute more of your own effort.

Personally, I believe the opposite.

Fortunately, KDE-3.5.10 is still available for those who wish to spend the effort. It is NOT available in all other distributions.

Feel free to start maintaining the KDE 3.5 repository - there’s a call out for people to give a hand in keeping it up to date - unfortunately no one has bothered to do anything about it hence I said “it’s time to let go”.

I’m not telling people to use something that they don’t want to but the bottom line is; No volunteers, no KDE 3.5. Simple as that.