Will 11.2 overwrite my current settings and pgms

I have three OpenSuSe 11.1 and one 11.0 systems. I definitely want to upgrade the 11.0 system and, depending on those results, will upgrade the two 11.1 systems to 11.2.

Will I lose all my current desktop settings, panel settings, etc. I.e. the customization settings.

Also, will I have to reinstall those pgms that have installed themselves into /usr; e.g. NX (noMachine).

And other addon pgms in /opt that most likely have their .conf files in /etc.

I think I have read before that one should do a total reinstall of a new maintenance version - like 11.1 to 11.2.

Is this still the case for 11.2 or has something been addressed in the install process that tries to save my settings?

Thanks, and apologies if this is an oft-asked question. I searched on “install upgrade” and was overwhelmed with all of the hits.


Sadly it looks like you will have some backing up to do and re install a few of your apps.
The biggest issue I see is if you use KDE 4, if you are using KDE 4.0 for some odd reason you will definitely loose some of your settings.
If you are using Gnome, not so much but thats because gnome has not changed much in the last few years.

Basically any changes you have made to files in /, for example, in /etc, will be lost unless you back them up before you reinstall.

Anything in /home, that is, all your personal settings will be saved but, as there are changes in the naming of kde hidden files in 11,2, your new installation may not find these. However, if you back up your existing .kde and .kde4 hidden files and then copy over the relevant settings after you have installed 11.2, you should be able to keep all your old settings.

If you use the update option on the DVD, the settings in / should be retained but I suspect (but I am not sure about this) you may still have to make some manual transfers relating to kde hidden files.

OK, short answer YES!
Now for a long one:
For me all the settings & other 11.1 data I had on the PC I’ve been using to test 11.2 on was erased when 11.2 was installed.
You’ll need one of the following:

  1. An external HDD that is equal to or greater than your PC’s HDD
    2.A good size flash drive
    3.A bunch of DVD or CD RW’s
    You’ll need to back up all your vital stuff on them. Then after you’ve got your nice shiny brand new install you can load it all back in.

What is the effect of loading the /home and possibly other /xxx backups into the new install. Related to some major problems I have (likely self inflicted) with the present installation, would these not also be migrated into the new install? Wether it be an upgrade from one version to another or a reinstall of the same version I don’t want to inheret the mess I’ve made of the current install?