Will 11.2 gnome work on my computer

I have an older Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop w/
Intel Pentium III
512 MB RAM
3.8 gig memory free

Will opensuse 11.2 gnome work on this computer?
I don’t need to use compiz or fancy stuff.

More space on your harddisk would be a good idea, RAM shouldn’t be a problem.

3.8 GB is clearly enough for the system, but normally a user also wants to store personal data somewehere.

Will opensuse 11.2 gnome recognize my Linksys Wireless B Network Adapter. This older computer does not even have an ethernet slot so if I am to try opensuse 11.2 this HAS TO work out-of-the-box, giving me internet access the first time, so that I can do a proper install.

Have you tried the Live Gnome CD. It will indicate if it will work.

One thing you missed saying what what video card/chip in the machine.