This post is a call for wiki volunteers in helping to migrate the HOW-TO wiki that were on the old SLS forum to the openSUSE format.

I will follow this post shortly with a series of 8 posts (in different threads), each containing a list of series of HOW-TO’s from the SLS forum divided up into:

  1. Software (section-1)
  2. Software (section-2)
  3. General (section-1)
  4. General (section-2)
  5. Install-Boot
  6. Hardware
  7. Network (section-1)
  8. Network (section-2)

I have provided recommend/proposed course of action for each wiki. But my suggestion may be wrong, and needs review.

In some cases there are already existing openSUSE wikis, and in order to merge technical content from the old SLS to the new openSUSE wiki format, some serious technical consideration is needed to decide if such a merge is useful, or if it is not appropriate. In many cases, it will make no sense to keep the SLS wiki. The SLS wikis will be integrated into this list of many openSUSE wiki HOWTOs: Category:HOWTOs - openSUSE

Hence the tasks for volunteers will be to
(1) Check older wiki. Do a check to see if there are any existing openSUSE wiki
(2) Create new wiki from SLS HowTo. Copy the wiki from the original to the wiki, and reformat the wiki to meet the openSUSE wiki standard, while still preserving most of the technical content of the old SLS wiki.
(3) Review New Wiki. Technically review and correct the newly created wiki for

You will note in the list (to follow soon) that in most cases where I have proposed new wiki page URLs, where if one goes to the wiki page, there is nothing there! Of course this is true, as the wiki needs to be created.

Upon initial completion of creating the wiki and/or technical review, please post on the appropriate wiki thread (or if more appropriate on this thread), advising what you have done in the openSUSE wiki. This advisement, will hopefully be a trigger for others to contribute to the wiki, with additional reviews.

I can start migrating these wiki myself, but by no means do I have the technical knowledge to review/update these wiki. Plus this is an enormous task. Again, wiki creation guidance is here: How to start a basic wiki - openSUSE Forums

**So volunteers please! **

MANY THANKS for your time in reading this post …

I will post the List of SLS Wikis noted above (a number of which are to be migrated to openSUSE wikis) over the course of the next few hours …

Volunteer register/tracking for wiki work is here:
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

Below are the posts that contain lists of the old SLS HowTos, many of which we would like to migrate to openSUSE wiki.
Volunteers are needed for this migration.

Part 1 of 8 - Software1 (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 2 of 8 - Software2 (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 3 of 8 - General1 (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 4 of 8 - General2 (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 5 of 8 - Installation (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 6 of 8 - Hardware (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 7 of 8 - Network1 (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums
Part 8 of 8 - Network2 (SLS Wiki Migration) - openSUSE Forums

A basic how to for creation of a new wiki on openSUSE is here:
How to start a basic wiki - openSUSE Forums

Volunteer registering/tracking is done here:
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

Hi oldcpu,

Although I’d have to fit this in somewhere I would really like to help out.

There have also been some good suggestions to add a ‘howto’ link to the main menu. I think this is a good idea that could be linked to this?
Also might be good to let all participants ‘register’ somewhere (a kind of project page) to get some overview who will be doing what? Also much easier to coordinate.


I’m working on this … I hope to post something here either later today, or tomorrow.

Communicate/Mailinglists - openSUSE the wiki mailing list is the correct place, need to also communicate with these guys.

openSUSE Mailinglist Archive: opensuse-wiki

I can help is there any area you want me to start working on?


i’ll start doing right now the NETWORK area
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

I put the follow temporary “wiki” in place, to track the volunteers for the various sections …
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

… as to what areas need voluteers, please take a look at the list, and take a look at the wiki format, …

SYNTAX: If you think you can convert the old HOWTO to a new wiki from a syntax point of view (but not provide technical input) then please advise, and start converting. … And put a BIG CAVEAT at the start, that “THIS WIKI NEEDS TECHNICAL REVIEW”.

TECHNICAL: If you think you can provide a technical review, but have not a clue about wiki syntax, then please advise. We will then get a volunteer to do the “syntax” conversion, and once the syntax is sorted, ask you to do the Technical review.

Of course, once a wiki is in place, any one can edit. …

And if it appears a wiki already exits, and I missed it, please advise. …

Many thinks for your support in this.

GREAT! Thanks G0NZ0. Please note the new table I created:
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

if you can fill your name in as a volunteer against any specific wiki that you want to do, or you have started doing, please do so.

Geoff, its up to you. Pick a wiki you are comfortable with. Please make note of the table where uses have volunteered (so we dont’ duplicate effort).
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

… also, Swerdna has some GREAT how-to’s on his site, and if there are any wiki’ that duplicate his site, I have asked that he try sort how he would like to see that go forward. So maybe stay way from those (Swerdna how-to areas) for now.

Just pick the area where you think you can help the most. Please note the new tracking “register”/“volunteer list” that I created. Its rather crude, but I think it has the basic links to be useful.
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

Sorry, I’m rather tired after creating the about wiki page for tracking the migration … can you re-explain this?


Feathermonkey, I stopped using mailing lists in 2005.

Completely. It was sort of a “divorce” (mentally) and I really don’t want to go back. …

Any volunteers to be our representative on that mailing list venue?

You have made a good start pulling all these things together oldcpu.

What I meant is, when new people arrive at the site one of the first things they look at is the openSUSE menu (Get Software, Wiki, Build Software…)

What some are missing is an entry along the lines of ‘Howto’s’ or ‘Guides’ that will bring them to a index page they can browse through all available topics.

There are many good wiki pages but not easily accessible for those that don’t know thier way around.
If I only think of all the questions for the ATI / NVidia / Restricted Media and others that pas the forum.

Seems that if you are already doing an inventory on wiki’s, an index page is not far off.

Hope you get some good sleep after all your hard work!


P.s. using the mailing list to coordinate does seem a bit messy to me… but I don’t really use them that much.

Looking through listed links in there is a very nice collection found under Documentation… This link is not visible from the forums though, which would be a good thing.

Hehe :wink: you and me both.

You may off stopped using mailing lists but the people coordinating and implementation changes seem to prefer them.

I subscribe to the list in but have little involvement with it, I would be happy to but seems disjointed to me and the beginnings of bad communication IMO.

The NETWORK section is finally all completed, i updated the table too ( SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE )
Should we also add a link to the completed wiki pages here: HOWTOs - openSUSE ?

Hey G0NZ0, thats amazing ! Great! Many thanks.

I think thats a good idea … but maybe we need to chat to who ever the elusive figure is in the openSUSE world who is co-ordinating this. … I suspect we are going to turn a few heads when our SLS (and eventually SF) How-Tos start turning up as openSUSE wiki’s.

I’m tempted to run this by apokryphos first, as I think wiki coordination was part of his tasks for a while. < not sure >

… anyway, MANY MANY thanks for your efforts … and I’ll try to sort that ASAP.

I was checking the matrix for the migration status. G0NZ0, you converted even more outside of the NETWORK area! Thats wonderful. Many thanks!

no problems at all, was fun :slight_smile:

Right now i converted all those that i was author in the SLS wiki, but today later on i’m going to do some more, those at least for which i can understand and review the content as well, so we can get the whole done in the very next few days :slight_smile:

Just a note to “bump” this thread, … we still have lots more work to do (despite the absolutely amazing and welcome contributions from G0NZ0).


Please look here to check out our conversion status:
SLS-how-to migration to openSUSE wiki - progress tracking - openSUSE

Over the course of the next few months, I hope to work with the folks trying to set a loose standard for wiki format, and gradually modify the format of our newly converted wiki, to be closer to the that of the majority of the existing wiki … but thats something that we can do gradually, and I don’t see as urgent.

More important is converting the old SLS HOW-TOs that we have in place.

Many thanks to those (like G0NZ0) who have contributed already.