wifi will not connect

This is a new installation on a new machine*. The system came with Windows 10 and had no problems at all connecting the wifi, even did a multi-gb update. I installed a new SSD for the openSUSE installation. No hitches during the install. Set the wireless to DHCP, found both house networks (just different frequencies) as well as five from the apartments next door. It will not connect. I checked and wicked is running. The signal is fine (as I said Windows had no problems). The wireless is set to start on boot. Nada.

What would be the next step? I can use the wired connection, but I would really like the wifi to work.

*LEAP 15.0 has some serious problems with plasma that I was never able to resolve and LEAP 15.1 will not load on the old system (it’s about 10 years old).

If you switch networks, why not use Networkmanager?

Can you show:

ip addr


This from a user who loves openSUSE Leap 15.1 Gnome, is not at all a sophisticated user, but who nonetheless learned the wireless, printer, and scanner settings by determination and forums and wikis and trial and error:

One variable setting I could play with when wireless initially didn’t connect: the encryption setting (wep, wpa, etc.) I chose the third of four available choices on the list. I couldn’t connect wireless until I chose that one. Only that one will work. I can’t recall what it is, but it’s the third choice on the list.

Not sure if that’s helpful or not, but it’s my experience. Sorry I’m not more sophisticated.