Wifi Widget when using Wicked Network Control

Running 13.2 32 bit on T42 laptop with built in Atheros AR5212 wifi device.
I have had some problems with Network Manager and wifi so have switched to using Wicked to configure network devices.

Wifi is working fine but now there is no widget in my panel to give me wifi connection status. (The Network Manager widget is still present but with a red X to show correctly that Network Manager is not running.)

I have used the Plasma Desktop Shell Add-On Installer to install Wifi Plasmoid and Dataengine by “raffaele181188” and there is now a widget icon in my panel but no signal is detected or ESSID or IP shown.

I have tried to edit “main.py” as suggested in the Known Bugs info but cannot find the line to be changed.
Grateful for any help to get either this widget or another working.

I don’t have a definitive answer here, since I am using NM, and have no need for such a UI. Anyway, you mentioned

I have tried to edit “main.py” as suggested in the Known Bugs info but cannot find the line to be changed.

So, it is mentioned

-On some systems (Arch, SuSE, possibily others)  you have to manually change the path to the iwconfig executable at line  40 in  ~.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/pywifi-engine/contents/code/main.py

There is a comment from an openSUSE user here
that mentions

**hi, i installed your plasmoid and dataengine, but it didn’t work right from the start. for opensuse (11.3) systems people have to fix the path to iwconfig. here, the correct is /usr/sbin/iwconfig. so i edited the following file:

the code now looks like this:
blob = commands.getoutput("/usr/sbin/iwconfig " + interface)**

Can you find a similar entry at line #40 or similar?

Isn’t the idea behind not seeing a Wifi widget when using Wicked simply that when the system manager (root) manages the network setup, there is no need for the end-users to have anything to do with it. It should just work. It is then even not interesting to the end-users if the connection is by cable or by Wifi.

The eternal problem of being both :slight_smile:

You aren’t both to the OS. The OS does not know human beings, it only knows UIDs.

No, but nevertheless I understand the OP’s desire to have a working UI. In any case, NM allows me to do just that. :slight_smile:

That is why I do not install NM on systems where I use Wicked rotfl!

I use knemo as a means to view graphically the traffic going in and out of my network. Maybe the OP might try that as an option.

Hi deano, yes I have it now. The path was wrong in the authors note but the path you quote is correct and I have it working now.
Having it running I regret the graphics and contrasts are not too good on my screen but I can now confirm connection and see IP.
Many thanks once again.

Hi Henk,
I am in an environment with several access points, all with good signal but on different subnets and for different purposes, some private and some not. I have had problems when there are many people present, all with phones or tablets all using quite strong and aggressive signals which disrupt my connection. I need to be able to see that there is a good connection with internet access.
I have had fewer problems with Wicked than NM and widget allows me quickly to check connection.

Hi and many thanks for the suggestion. Will investigate as widget I have now working not too clear on my screen.
Thanks again,