WIFI WEP exadecimal does not connect with Networkmanager

OS. openSUSE11.1 32 bit. Intel wireless card (golan), brand of router Comtrend.
The signal is strong, Trying to connect. Tries very shortly then interrupts. No connection then possible (length of connection try: 1-2 sec).

  • wep standard
  • Did settings of card and the ethernet adapter in conventional setting and then retried with network manager.

Any suggestions? Would be important to have wireless for me here.

Solved / closed.
No solution found. Installed 64bit version in the meanwhile (and changed place so no idea if the problem persist). The error message was that the router was not able to attribute an IP address to the notebook and interrupted the connection finaly for time out. Other router worked fine. The router worked fine with XP/Vista based machines.