WiFI lost after update ASPIRE 5050 BIOS ver. 3315

In order to make my openSuSE 11.0 sound work I update the BIOS into latest version (that 3315). After updating the BIOS my linux cannot start normally, I must add option acpi=off.

I also try to reinstall and fresh install the linux, same problem I must add acpi=off, if I not add this option, the setup stop at Updating Drivers (something like that).

Ok then, I add option acpi=off at boot option make me can go into my linux. But then two problem cames up:
1st. My battery monitor is dead, plug or unplug keep the status charged.
2ng. My WiFI is dead also. It discover any access points but cannot connect to the access point. I have type correct key. Other laptop can connect to that access point except my laptop.

I use ASPIRE 5050 series, with BIOS ver 3315, and Artheros WiFI.

Thanks for any reply before.

A couple of things:

Try some varying combinations of kernel parameters SDB:Kernel Parameters for ACPI/APIC - openSUSE. Each has a function that differs from the other.

Go back to the older BIOS.

Have a look at the DSDT (search the forum).

Is the radio turned on?
Did you re-install the driver?
Do you need firmware re-installed?
Are you using the correct driver?

Look at the ACER forum for help.

Good luck.