Wifi is TERRIBLE and cuts off every two minutes

As the title suggests, my wifi will cut off only after using it for a couple of minutes, then I have to turn off wifi networking and turn it back on again. Sometimes it will reconnect right away, but most of the time it will ask for my wifi password, so I put it in and it keeps asking over and over again even though I know it is correct. I am using a Lenovo G50-45 laptop that originally had Windows 8.1 on it.

Hello? Anyone? I still have this problem.

You will likely have a lot more luck if you provide some data for people to work with. Examples might be:

  • What OS are you running?
  • What version of the OS?
  • Run lspci -nnk and post the results (in code tags).

These and similar symptoms have been asked many, many times over the years (so you might search the Forums and see how they were resolved earlier).

Because there can be so many causes which range from low end APs, to installed firmware and driver issues to radio interference and more,
A good starting point is probably to see if anything has been recorded in your syslog. If you have a problem which happens that often and predictably, you can view your syslog “live” and see if an error is displayed when you experience a problem

journalctl -f

And the following will display all recorded errors since yesterday

journalctl --since=yesterday -p err