Wifi hotspot (for beginners)

ok so you want a wifi hotspot;

first thing you want to do is contact the manufacturer of your wireless device that utilizes wifi for internet and find out if it is a b,g and/ or n channel compatible device (what channels does it use?)

EX: the nintendo DS and Wii use primarily 802.11b, they will work with devices that are 802.11g and are backwards compatible, if the 802.11g device isn;t backwards compatible it wont work.

then you’ll need non-dial-up internet (broadband/cable) find a wifi card (pcie or usb) or router that is compatible with your version of linux and matches the channel type you want, in the case of the nintendo systems; 802.11b is the channel type

ok now you’re on the road to success, you’ve got the device it’s plugged into your computer in appropriate port and SuSE is seeing it, so you ask yourself “why don’t I have wifi yet?”

you need to go into yast2: YaST2 Modules> Network Devices> Network Card

run as admin and enter your root password.

your wifi device should now show-up under your network cards.

select it and click edit to configure.

ignore the first page, it should be correct. click next.

operating mode needs to be set to Ad-Hoc

ESSID: make this whatever you want, this is the name it’ll show up as. alot of people will put; Home or Work, Room, Cliff-s etc :stuck_out_tongue: it doesn’t matter what you call it.

Authentication mode: for nintendo DS and Wii, it’s suggested leave it set as ‘Open’ and supply no password or wep key.

hit next and next again.

your wifi hotspot now works.


If you use NetworkManager on your Laptop the above method does not work, because you cannot edit your connection in yast.
However I found an easy NetworkManager Tutorial on youtube that I just tested. It works :slight_smile:


You’ve responded to a nearly 6 year old thread! Lots has changed since then. Closing this thread.