WiFi Frustrations

My WiFi adapter actually works a little. This is a usb device (Alfa awus036h) plugged into a Acer 5710.(RTL8187) The computer sees the adapter just fine and reports about 10 stations. And connects, but after a few minutes the connection looses through put and the ssid reverts to “none” although still connected. A restart gets things going again but only for a minute or two. The stations is reporting a 93% connection so signal strength isn’t a problem and the same adapter running on windoz xp stays connected for hours without any problems thus eliminating hardware failure. Although the connection is short, the through put seems ok although slow just before throughput stops. The internal adapter works fine but I need the extra power of the usb adapter in the location I currently am using. Any ideas or advice sure would be helpful…thanks

Try changing the channel on the router, interference can cause this