WiFi dongle native support in kernel modules

Are the WiFi dongles supported in kernel modules?
Or do I need to use @sauerland!s repo?
Bill L

Depends on what dongle…

And what openSUSE Version…

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Wife’s laptop is.currently leap 15.4 and WiFi dongle is rtl8821cu as shown in YaST.
I need to update her machine so she still has 5G via the WiFi dongle in leap 15.5.

Not in the Leap Kernel.

In Kernel since Kernel 6.2:

But you can use the rtw88 driver or the rtl8821cu driver inside my Repo for Leap 15.5:

Or use the kernel:stable:backports repo in Leap.
Or install Tumbleweed.

Both have an kernel > 6.2.