wifi doesn't work in macbook


I installed opensuse 12.3 in my macbook which bought last year. And I found that my wifi doesn’t work… Does anybody know how to install wifi in macbook?

thank you very much

Maybe they do know how to do this on the Wireless forum.

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ok, now that we have your post in the right area i’d ask you to read
the four “stickies” at the top of this wireless forum, here:

one, or all of them should get you going with that macbook…if not,
one or more of them will advise you what commands you need to run to
collect the info needed to post into your thread…

when you do that please post all output as instructed here:

and, mention which desktop environment you are using…

and, if you get it all sorted out just by following the advice in
those stickies: CONGRATULATIONS!! (and let know you made it)