WiFi doesn't activate unless I reset my Spectrum home devices

Hi, I recently installed openSUSE on my 2011 macbook pro and I installed the drivers and other available downloads from yast to get my hardware working. There is an a missing login box to type in my Wifi secrets again that only appears after I log out. But by then the box goes away and I have to log back in. Then to make matters more frustrating, I’m trying to enjoy the process, when I log back in to openSUSE my Wifi won’t activate. So, I will have to try to type in the secrets really fast after I log out, or if I unplug all of my Spectrum internet service devices then power them all up again, then, I can activate my WiFi. What’s up with that?

This is not an answer to your question (I hope they will come), but I wonder why you installed an End of Life version recently?

Because I had the old (3 months old, lol) DVD readily accessable and I figured that the updates would be automatically installed, and that it would create a more stable installation that way.
BTW, openSUSE flies on this system, it’s great. And now I can use a more secure and modern system on my old Mac.

Since it went out of support (December 2023) there are no updates anymore. And thus it might be very stable (as in: nothing changes), but no security updates available.

It will be fun to pay attention and take note of the updates that I miss so that I may have a better understanding of typical security updates.

I just realized I’m on 15.5, not 15.4 oops.

I changed this above.

Thank you, my computer is consistent about doing a log out and a log back in to activate my WiFi, so that’s not that big of a deal, at first I was concerned that I would have to ask the restaurant, if I was out and about, to reset their WiFi just for me to log on. I suspect that there is a setting, or another network application doing a double log on, that makes me have to log out, or else some kind of alias number or something. I don’t really know, but logging out isn’t really that big of a deal. At least I know I have to purposefully go wireless, which is always less secure.