Wifi Disconnects intermittently since updating to OpenSuse 15.5

Hi - I’ve been successfully using this laptop for a long time with OpenSuse Leap. I recently used the update procedure to go from Leap 15.4->15.5. All went well. I use Network Manager to configure wifi and have never had a problem in the past. Ever since I’ve done the update, now the wireless connection will drop periodically maybe every 30 minutes will remain offline for 1 minute and then automatically reconnect and then all seems fine again. The wifi adapter is “Detected Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230 BGN, REV=0xC8.” The laptop is a Lenovo Y500. Anyone else having this issue? When I use the laptop on Ethernet the network performs normally. The Wifi Network/router itself hasn’t changed and nothing else on the network is having problems. Anyone else having issues like this? Thanks.

It seems like this bug is already around for a while:

According to this: iwlwifi - Debian Wiki
You could try to put a configuration file like /etc/modprobe.d/iwlmvm.conf
(with root privileges) with the content
options iwlmvm power_scheme=1

and then reboot.

That should set the power saving options for your wifi to “active”.

Please check dmesg to verify that it might be the same bug.

Thanks. I will check it out first chance I get and update with the results.

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Thanks. Your suggested configuration change does appear to have resolved the issue. It’s not been long enough yet to be absolutely certain, but at first blush, it seems like it should have happened already and has not so I’m cautiously optimistic. I did see evidence of the disconnects that looked similar to others logs in the defect you shared with me so it does seem like the same issue. Thanks again and if the issue turns out not to be resolved after longer use, I will update the post. But for now, I think I’m good.

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