wifi connect freezes

this is in connection with : http://forums.opensuse.org/forums/english/get-technical-help-here/wireless/471449-how-turn-wireless-switch.html

i recently upgraded to 12.1 and the same thing happens on 11.4. the problem can be solved by logging in to root desktop and enable and connect the wifi from there to make the wifi work. the problem this time is that the solution to 11.4 doesnt work that well with 12.1 'cause everytime the computer starts, i have to login to root desktop to connect before i can use the wifi from my default account.

can somebody/anybody have a solution? i dont want to login as root everytime the computer starts.

thanks in advance.

finally solved the issue…

the kernel install in my opensuse 12.1 is the default. i changed the kernel to “desktop” from the source and its all working now.