WiFi and LAN connects to router but no internet (question mark in system tray) on ASUS zenbook

i have a new notebook (an ASUS Zenbook UX510UW-CN051T) and just installed openSUSE tumbleweed on it (snapshot from 2017-07-01). My problem is, that the internet is not working, neither with Wifi nor with LAN!

  • I use Network Manager to manage the network
  • I can see all of my neighboring WiFi hotspons (including my AVM Fritzbox router) and i also can connect to my router! From another pc i can look up the connected wifi devices via the browser interface of my router and indeed the notebook is listed! BUT: on the notebook instead of the wifi tray symbol i just see a question mark and i cannot reach any website from my browser, i even cannot reach the local router browser interface!
  • And with LAN i have basically the same problem: i can connect to the router, the device is listed as LAN device but again: there is a question mark (on top of the regular LAN tray icon this time) in the tray icon and i cannot reach any internet site.

lsusb tells my that my Wifi device is a: Realtek RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
The notebook has no LAN port but i have an usb to LAN adapter, i guess it uses the same network device?

I also tried to switch from NetworkManager to Wicket but the configuration dialog asked some complicated questions i could not answer so i exited and stayed with NetworkManager.
Is there anything i can do?

Found a solution, it seems that the problem was due to a bug in the latest NetworkManager update. I found the solution in this thread:
by editing the /etc/dhclient.conf which had a line spread on multiple lines, what caused the problem.

Welcome to the pack. AFAIK a fix is on the way ( or already there ). But maybe you couldn’t update due to the issue.