Wifi Analyser available?

I use my laptop for troubleshooting various issues for clients, one of which is wifi. I used Fedora before and was able to use wifi-radar to analyse analyse signal strength, channels used, etc but I have not found anything on openSUSE that does the same. I have tried installing wifi-radar and keep getting errors about the repository. Are there GUI tools I can use similar to wifi-radar? I have done some searching and have not found anything comparable. Thanks for any help

Your description on what you did to install it and where you got stuck in what manner with what error on what repository is very scanty :frowning:

I did a search on https://software.opensuse.org/search and found Wifi-Radar there easy enough. Please explain from there on what you experience.

There is also wifiplotter developed by one of out forum members. I have it packaged up for 13.2;