Wifi adaptor MAC keeps changing

A bit odd, this.

While the network is connected (Using NetworkManager), the wifi MAC address is consistent, and the same as the one reported by the card.

However, if the adaptor disconnects, the MAC address is replaced by a seemingly random value.

This is a problem because I have some software that uses the MAC addresses of the adaptors as a machine identity for licensing. Everytime I start the software with the adaptor disconnected, it thinks it’s unlicensed.

How can I get the reported MAC address left alone on disconnect? For that matter, why does it behave like that?


I guess this is a privacy feature of the new version of NetworkManager.
see https://blogs.gnome.org/lkundrak/2016/08/24/networkmanager-1-4/

I switched it of, because my hardware doesn’t support it by adding the following two lines to /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and restarting the NetworkManager service:



Thanks you!

That was exactly the problem.